Cuu Chau Hai Thuong Muc Van Ky – From a TV masterpiece to a Mobile Game masterpiece

Jiuzhou Hai Shang Mu Van Ky is a 3D game MMORPG Produced by NetEase, the maker of many recent hot games like Thien Ha, Rule of Survival…After undergoing a trial opening in November, the game is now officially available on the appstore. The plot of the game is based on the novel series as well as the popular TV series of the same name in China that has built a mysterious ancient Chinese world.


The game is built on the NeoX Engine platform, so the look is quite nice and it can be said that it is even more beautiful than on the movie. In general, the game is not too strange for those who are familiar with this genre, there will also be occupations for you to choose from, each profession will have its own unique skills, the game also has a marriage system and a system. Master map is like many other role-playing games, so you can join in making friends and dating through the game.


Games of this genre are indispensable for classic Pk and PVP battles, players will participate in fighting BOSS and perform different tasks to level up. As a third-person game, you are free to rotate 360 ​​degrees to observe your character and admire the beautiful skill set and ecstatic phases, the developer also appreciates the interaction between players. together when the voice chat system is focused with the best quality.


As soon as the game trial was opened, it received such a large participation of players that the server was overloaded and NetEase had to urgently open another server, which is understandable because the game was open beta in the movie phase. release of the same name, it can be understood that this is an intentional adaptation of NetEase. If you are a lover of martial arts role-playing games, this is not a bad choice download games Come and experience together.

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You can download the game here:​​​

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