CSGO legend GeT_RiGhT collapsed in a surprise comeback match

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GeT_RiGhT is one of CSGO gamer most famous in the world, he has been playing this game since it was released and is one of the best teams of all time.

He was removed from the list in September 2019 after seven years competition continuously, and after a break he came back in a match another, competing outside the NiP organization for the first time.


The Swedish legend replaced Mousesports Robin Kool in the season 8 match of ECS against Virtus.pro. Ropz was unexpectedly substituted, as he hadn’t played in over a month, and he had been in poor form while playing.

Unfortunately for them, Mousesports lost 0-2 when GeT_RiGhT was in worse form, only guaranteeing 24 kills on two maps simultaneously being one of the ratings lowest in the entire competition, with a score of just 0.75, much lower than his average of 1.10. Likewise, his Average Damage Per Round (ADR) decreased from 75 to 60.


However, it was clear that they didn’t have much time to practice and therefore made some serious mistakes that resulted in failure. For example, losing in a situation of 4 “clearing” 2 because no one checked the bomb.

However Christopher seemed to be in high spirits after the game, he shared on Twitter: “It’s terrible. However, thanks to Meddports for letting me play.” He wasn’t impressed with his performance at all, but to be able to play again is a great thing.


Much fan Will wonder what the future holds for GeT_RiGhTcame back without a team and stated that he wasn’t ready to “hang up” the mouse and keyboard.

He is yet to say anything about his future, however, after his performance with Europe, he could be a reliable choice for many top teams if he can. back to the same form as before.​

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