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CS:GO is about to be played like PUBG?

The growth of PUBG not only gives the gaming community a new battlefield.. but also creates a trend where developers try to integrate PUBG style into their products. The words GTA 5, Warface, Fortnite until all Dying Light.. it seems that the whole game village is being swept up in the footsteps of PUBG.


And now Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Title FPS ‘s fight Valve being surpassed by PUBG itself in terms of the number of gamers… it seems to follow in the footsteps of its opponents. According to the source of Valve News Network – a Youtube channel specializing in leaking information from the big man Valve said CS:GO Preparing to update more modes Battle Royale.


Through the data found in the new CS:GO updates, gamers have discovered a few special weapons and details that Valve wants to bring into the game. There we have “Power Supply”, “Hand-to-hand combat”, “Andrenaline Syringe”, “Explosive Landmines”, “Sound Broadcasting” and “MK2 Grenades”. What’s special is that some of the codes are also attached with the word “Survival” or “Survival”, suggesting a game mode similar to or inspired by PUBG.


Not only that, when searching deeper, this Youtube channel also discovered the code name for a new map called “Survival Island”… ie “Survival Island”. In the latest Updates, the data in the game also shows a lot of new items similar to PUBG. There we have Medkit, Airdrop, Heavy Armor, Light Armor..vv Along with that, the survival map also reveals a lot of data such as player survival time, survival rate and above all, the number of games. remaining player in the game screen.


All of this indicates CS:GO will prepare gamers to participate in a mortal mode similar to PUBG, bringing gamers “Robbery Scene” for the first time to enter the Battle Royale format. However, no official information has been released from Valve yet, so we gamers still have to wait a little longer to see what the truth is.

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