Crying blood when I know how much the following games cost to develop

5. Tom Raider
Tom Raider not only uses the most advanced techniques to build the character system and movements in the game, but also uses the free-range viewfinder system to replace the target lock attack system in previous versions, making make the character’s movements more realistic and natural. Just 48 hours after its release, Tom Raider’s sales broke through 1 million copies, which is considered a feat in the history of the game industry. Of course, a large number of advanced techniques also “consume” a huge amount of capital, it is known that the developer had to spend 101 million USD (more than 2350 billion VND) to develop this game.


4. Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 is a 3rd person shooter game developed by the giant Rockstar Game. With an engaging storyline and unique gameplay with a Buller Time mechanic that allows players to witness slow-motion scenes when bullets tear through the air, Max Payne 3 gives players a great experience like contemplation. Thrilling action movie. In the first week of release, sales of the game reached 3 million copies. This game also costs a large amount of the developer with a capital of up to 110 million USD (more than 2566 trillion VND).


3. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

After only 1 week of launch, Star Wars: The Old Republic has attracted more than 1 million registered players, becoming the game with the fastest growth in payment accounts in the history of online gaming. As one of the most successful games in history, the exploitation cost of Star Wars: The Old Republic is up to 200 million USD (about 4600 billion VND).


2. Grand Thieves Auto 5 (GTA 5)

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Another product from the giant Rockstar Games, considered the best game in the gaming industry today, GTA 5 pursues perfection from graphics quality to gameplay. As of January 8, this year, the game’s global sales have broken through 100 million copies.


To be able to develop such a successful game, the amount of capital to spend is of course not small, it is known that the total capital spent for GTA 5 is up to 265 million USD (nearly 6200 billion VND), this is not is a number that any game company can bear.

first. Red Dead Redemption 2


At the top of this list of the most expensive games continues to be a super product of Rockstar Games – Red Dead Redemption 2. With breathtaking graphics, eye-catching gunfights and diverse gameplay full of surprises. , within just three days, the game’s revenue has reached 16 trillion VND. The quality of the graphics is as beautiful as in the movies and the interesting details like in Hollywood movies make the fee to exploit the game up to more than 18 trillion VND.​

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