Create wallpapers, Avatars for mobile phones using Fotor

You want to manually create wallpapers for Android or iOS phones to easily change according to your preferences, create a personal style but do not know what tools to use, then let Taimienphi visit Fotor website to create an image. background or avatar with bold personal imprint.

Fotor is a cross-platform photo editing tool with versions working on mobile phones and computers familiar to many users. However, few people know that Fotor also has its own version that works on a convenient browser. This is also a user-friendly online photo editing tool, used by many non-specialist users to design Avatar, phone wallpaper mobile.

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Instructions on how to create online wallpapers for Android and iOS

Download and install Fotor software for phones and computers here.

=> Link to download Fotor for Windows

=> Link to download Fotor for Android

=> Link to download Fotor for iPhone

How to create wallpapers, avatars for mobile phones

Step 1: Visit the website address of the photo editing tool, create wallpaper, avatar for your phone in the link Here.

Step 2: At the Fotor website interface, click on the tool Edit a Photo on the screen.

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Step 3: A dialog box appears asking you to enter the image you want to edit. You click on the icon The picture has a plus sign to add photos.

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Step 4: Left click on the image to edit is saved on the computer, then select Open.

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Step 5: Select edit function Basic (Basic) in the function list column on the left side of the screen.
Click on the item Crop (Crop the image) and set the ratio and size of the image to be cropped. With Fotor, this tool provides many standard aspect ratio sizes commonly used on Android and iOS phone devices.
In the example, Taimienphi chooses to create a wallpaper for the phone with a ratio of 2 x 3 (iPhone).

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Step 6: Click on the highlighted image content to move to re-align the photo. When you are satisfied, press the . button Apply to memorize settings.
Next, you press the button Save located in the top right corner of the screen to export the file.

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Step 7: In the new notification panel, you can name the file and choose the format and image quality. Finally, click Download to start downloading the image to your device.

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So just a few simple steps, you already have your own wallpaper or avatar for your mobile phone. Let’s take a look at some of the wallpapers for mobile phones that Taimienphi has made.

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The Fotor tool introduced by Taimienphi allows users to design avatars, create wallpapers for mobile phones quickly and conveniently. Due to the limited content of the article, Taimienphi can hardly introduce all the editing features of this tool, but will in turn share with readers the resizing tips, Collage photos into frames with Fotor,… in the next series of articles, stay tuned!

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