Create chibi photos online with Chibimachine

Chibi is a familiar term often used in Japanese animated films. This phrase is used to refer to cute, funny characters with very large heads.

With ChibiMachine, you will easily create a Chibi image as you like. Change from clothes, hair to accessories to make the photo more sparkling and interesting. So what are you waiting for, let’s get creative.

How to create chibi photos online with ChibiMachine

Visit the website: There will be a series of different chibi models for you to choose from. After selecting the image you like, double-click it, then follow these steps:

I'm chibi

Step 1: Please click Upload to upload pictures. Should choose pictures with clear, straight faces to pair with the available chibi models. In addition, you can also use Web Camera to take pictures or select photos from your Facebook account or search with Google.

Step 2: After uploading the photo, you can use functions such as zoom in, zoom out, rotate to fit the face into the space on the sample chibi.

Step 3: You can customize some parts like:

– Poses: Character’s gesture

– Head: Changing hairstyles

– Head Accessories: Change the color of accessories such as hats, hats…

– Hair: Change hair color

– Face: Face

– Skin Color: Skin color

– Jackets: Coat

– Shirts: Shirt

– Shoes: Shoes

– Socks: Change socks.

– Background: Change wallpaper

Each section will have different properties for you to customize.

Step 4: When you are satisfied with your product, press the . button finish to end the process. You can download it by right clicking on the image and selecting Save Image Asor share on social networks with two buttons respectively Facebook nice Twitter.

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Creating chibi photos is being particularly interested by young people recently, with the above detailed instructions, you can create funny and lovely chibi images yourself with the Chibimachine online tool.
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