Create beautiful greeting cards with Picture Collage Maker, happy new year, birthday

To create beautiful greeting cards, users can spend many hours with professional graphic software, or you can use Picture Collage Maker tool to create quick greeting cards in a simple and time-saving way. More details on how to do it, please refer to the content below.

Hand-made New Year greeting cards to send to our family members and friends to express our sincere feelings. Through the article below, you will know how to create New Year’s cards Picture Collage Maker, one of the software that supports photo collage into great frames.

I wish you all the best Picture Collage Maker

Create New Year greeting cards with Picture Collage Maker

Instructions for creating greeting cards with Picture Collage Maker software

Tools to prepare:

– Download and install software on your computer: Download Picture Collage Maker
– Photos to make cards, you should use pictures of friends and relatives to make the card more meaningful
Happy New Year 2020 is good and meaningful

Step 1: Start the application up, click on Create From Template

I wish you a happy new year 2015

Step 2: Select a topic in the left column (Here chooses Greeting Cards) and choose the right card template for happy new year 2015

Step 3: Here, double click on the image to insert the image and the template

Step 4: Double click as shown in the picture to write New Year wishes, in the dialog box that appears, write New Year wishes in and change Font, font size, format, color, … Then press OK

Step 5: Enter File –>Save Collage as Picture to save the card as an image

– Change the folder containing the photos and press OK and see your results

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Above, showed you how to create beautiful 2019 New Year greeting cards with Picture Collage Maker application quickly and easily. This card will instead say to send your love to them while spring comes.

For many people, birthday is a very important and meaningful occasion to celebrate the day we are present in the world, so in these days, choose a brief birthday wishes But meaningful is a way for us to express our love and respect for those we love.

In addition, on Taimien also synthesize many other effective photo editing software such as: PhotoScape or Fotor, Adobe Photoshop … among these software, Fotor is rated as a good photo collage support tool that is not as sophisticated as the other two software. As for Photoshop then there is no doubt about this program, you can edit photos, create photos … or do any photo-related work with Adobe Photoshop (Except for making videos from photos.)

If you don’t have to install the software, you can create a birthday greeting card right on your phone through the Zalo messaging application, the steps to follow, please refer to the article below.

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