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By creating animations online through Gickr website, each of us can make our own unique GIF images and most of all save time instead of using Photoshop tools, Beneton Movie GIF … which are just complicated. take the time to install it on your computer.

In previous articles, we introduced you to the most popular computer-installed animation software, such as Beneton Movie GIF, GIMP, EximiousSoft GIF Creator, Photoshop… accompanied by instructions for creating Gif images. of each software, see the Top 5 animation software best GIFs

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Instructions for creating online animations with Gickr

With, besides providing you with the tool to create animations from ordinary photos, it also allows you to make Gif images from a Video Clip on YouTube. The following article will guide you to create online animations with Gickr in both ways.

How to create animations with Gickr

First, we go to the Gickr . website HERE

1. Create animations from photos on your computer

Step 1: On the interface of select the input image and change the parameters (only allowed to insert up to 10 images)

– Select images: Select the pictures one after the other to appear in the animation.
– Add one more picture If you want to choose more photos.
– Size: Select image size
– Speed: Choose the transition speed between photos

Press tiếp tục to view photos.

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Step 2: Press Download to save the animation and finish creating it on the computer.

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And this is the result after creating the animation successfully.

make gif images online

2. Create animations from Youtube Videos

Step 1: On Gickr .’s interface

YouTube links: Insert the link of the YouTube Video in
Size: Select image size
Number of frames: Number of frames appearing in the image

How do you dong?

Step 2: Press tiếp tục.

create gif images online

Step 3: Press Download to save the newly created gif image on your computer.

create animation online

And this is the result after creating online gif images from Youtube videos:

create gif images online

Very simple, right? No need to install software, you can manually create your own unique animated images anywhere with the online tool Gickr. In addition, you can refer to and use animation software introduced on such as Photoshop, GIMP, Photoscape, Beneton Movie GIF… in which some free software such as Benton Movie GIF very easy to use

Creating animations from videos is a way to make converting videos into animations much more interesting than creating animations from many other still images, in addition to Gickr service, you can use many other services. to convert video into animation unique and equally attractive.

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