Coin Master: How to hide your friends from being attacked and stolen

How to choose a friend to attack and hide your friends list in Coin Master

Hiding Facebook friends list on Coin Master will prevent us from being attacked and robbed of resources. Like Pirates King, when playing the game Coin Master on the computer, we will often be attacked by friends, damaging everything we have built. This is really uncomfortable to constantly rebuild the village and you need to know how to preserve Spin to play for the long term. Below will guide how to block Facebook friends from attacking your village while playing Coin Master.

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Video instructions to block friends in the game Coin Master

How to block friends from being attacked while playing Coin Master

Step 1:

Open the Facebook app and log in with the Facebook account you used to log into the game Coin Master.

Step 2:

At the main interface click process three dashSettings and privacy Setting.

Step 3:

Display Account Settings appears, choose to Application and website.

Window Application and website appears, press select item Signed in with FacebookEdit.

Step 4:

At the window Signed in with Facebook please press the button Edit in the game section Coin Master.

In item Information you are sharing with the application turn off the Friends List feature and tap Save.

Now you return to open the game Coin Master and enter the item Leaderboard To review the list of friends ranking will only have your Facebook account.

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How to unblock Facebook friends in the game Coin Master

To re-enable the list of Facebook friends in the game Coin Master, go to Export account settings -> Application and website -> Signed in with Facebook Edit -> Check Coin Master -> Remove -> Confirm removal.

Next, re-enable the Coin Master game and log in to your Facebook gaming account to update the list.

How to choose friends to attack while playing Coin Master

Step 1:

When you turn on the hammer, the game will display a friend in the friends list for us to choose from Competitor good Friend, please click to select a competitor – Revenge.

Step 2:

Then there will be a list Competitor You can choose to attack either Randon any member.

Press Revenge to select the member you want to attack.

Step 3:

At the Village interface of the selected person we can see the level of wealth as well as the damage that the village is suffering.

According to my playing experience, should choose buildings that have been damaged, the chance of not having protective shields will be higher than those that are intact.

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