Code Vein: Dark Souls Japan teases a series of extremely beautiful and unique sceenshots

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Code Vein perhaps no longer a strange name for even fans of the Souls series (typically Dark Souls or Demon Souls…) and JPRG fans, as a product that combines the quintessence of both factors above. Despite its popularity, Bandai Namco has always been very cautious in revealing information about the game, and has just released new pictures. screenshot first in-game a few days ago.

These screenshots were taken in 1080p format, with excellent image quality as well as revealing some more information about Code Vein. It seems that at the beginning, our hero (or heroine) will have to fight the Queen’s army and teammate Jack. The first enemies we encounter will be the Scouts, armed with swords and spears. After that, there was the Boss battle with the Queen’s Knight.

The battle with the Queen herself will follow, but in the form of a cutscene. Governor Gregorio Silva will also appear to treat Jack and the protagonist. Unfortunately, the protagonist’s mask is slashed, leaving him engulfed in the Queen’s ghostly Aura, and turning him into a Lost. Jack decides to free the protagonist from the pain, gives him a shot of grace, and sends him off the cliff.




Besides the opening battle, we will also learn more about Karen, the sister of Louis, who was part of the research team to find a way to fight the Queen. Karen was previously killed in battle with the Queen, and was resurrected as a Ghost. Ghosts seem to be the way to call those who died by the Queen, but could not find rest, and had to live in torment forever. Karen seems to be tasked with instructing the other Ghosts on how to recover.


Some of the Queen’s secrets are also revealed. Previously, we learned her real name was Cruz, and now, her full name is Cruz Silva. Yes, the Queen was once the daughter of Governor Gregorio Silva. Cruz accepted the pain to find a way to save humanity, but failed and turned her into an evil entity. Cruz was also a classmate of Louis.

Here are a few more images, revealing the emotional expressions in the game, as well as a few details of the co-op mode:

Other information about Code Vein will be continuously updated by Emergenceingame.Com in the near future.​

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