Code Tien Duyen Kiem 2020

At 10 am today, Gamota publisher officially launched a new MMORPG game called Tien Duyen Kiem, along with valuable gift codes Code Tien Duyen Kiem, improving the quality of the experience. experience for players.

Fairy Tail Sword is one of the products role-playing game NPH Gamota’s new game was officially launched in early 2020. In Tien Duyen Kiem, players can customize and develop characters with a massive, gifted and diverse skill system.

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Code Tien Duyen Kiem

– g2yydt8z
– wocvmo4p
– pastejje9w
– irjcysuz

How to get Code Tien Duyen Kiem

Event 1: Share Trailer
– Reward: Code Tien Duyen Kiem
– Link to join: Event 1

Event 2: Landing Communication
– Reward: Code Tien Duyen Sword worth 999K
– Link to join: Event 2

Event 3: Promise
– Reward: Code Tien Duyen Kiem
– Link to join: Event 3

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One form of receiving Code Tien Duyen Kiem that is applied by many gamers is to participate in events on forums and Group game clubs.
– Join the Fanpage forum to receive Code Tien Duyen Kiem here.
– Join Group Tien Duyen Tuu Lau to receive Code Tien Duyen Kiem here

Instructions to enter Code Tien Duyen Kiem

Step 1: Click on the item Welfare right on the main screen interface in the game.

Step 2: In the lobby Welfare, select item Redeem Gifts.

Step 3: Insert code Code Tien Duyen Kiem => click Change, the rewards immediately fly into your character’s inventory.

Launched on the same day as Tien Duyen Kiem, Cuu Thien Mobile is also a game released exclusively for mobile systems, Code Cuu Thien Mobile gives you a lot of cool items.

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Link download game Tien Duyen Kiem

Currently, the game Tien Duyen Kiem is available on both Android and iOS game platforms, gamers can play it now.
– Link to download Android version: Tien Duyen Sword for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Tien Duyen Sword for iPhone

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