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Game Raid belongs to the genre of shooting game on mobile with super beautiful graphics as well as extremely attractive gameplay. NPH VTC mobile also does not disappoint players when constantly supporting players with giftcodes Raid with extremely interesting in-game items.

Raid is a very hot shooting mobile game today with super simple gameplay, beautiful graphics but an intuitive interface. In particular, the game Raid has many unbelievable game modes. VTC mobile is also the publisher Legendary Fighter famous that any gamer knows.

giftcode tap size

Download game Tap Size for Android
Download game Tap Click for iPhone

Giftcode in the game is really an indispensable gift for every Raid player. If you have never played this game, don’t miss it, sign up for Tap Click and play now because the gameplay is very attractive and there are a lot of ambush codes for new players.

Dai Kiem Vuong is the latest game on Mobile and is getting a large number of people to download and register to play, like Tap Size, Dai Kiem Vuong also supports gifcode, quickly own Code Dai Kiem Vuong to receive gifts valid, you first need to download the 360LIVE Live 360mobi application to receive the code Dai Kiem Vuong.

Instructions for getting the raid game code and input


– You own an Android device.
– If not, you can use BlueStacks emulator software on your computer. See how install Bluestacks if you do not know how to install this useful software.

Tracking Giftcode is given 5000 codes, and will end when the code runs out, currently there are a lot of codes.
Step 1: Visit the website Tap Size here and click GET GIFTCODE.

giftcode tap size 2016

Step 2: The Strike code appears, copy the code but don’t shut down the website yet because you can still review your giftcode.

giftcode tap to make the most out of it

Step 3: Go to Raid via Bluestack or your mobile device, Tap Day Quest.

code tap size

Step 4: Go to the Redeem section and enter the raid giftcode.

giftcode tap size

Step 5: Get rewards and equipment only.

giftcode tap size

So has finished instructing you how to log in and receive giftcode for the game Raid already… In addition, there are Tracking code a genre very similar to the game Raid, besides, the code of the fighter…. many other gifcodes are waiting for you. Wish you success and have a great time of entertainment

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