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Do not skip the code receiving activity Dragon General 3Q To earn more HOT materials to upgrade generals, gods and rare equipment, they are all valuable resources that are indispensable for each new player.

If you are tired of playing Battle Royale strategy games like Free Fire, PUBG Mobile … then why not try to download and install Dragon General 3QA new general fighting strategy game from NPH Tendo for mobile devices, you will enjoy it right after playing.

long code 3q

Long Chess 3Q – General card game in the context of the Three Kingdoms war

Code Long Chess 3Q

CODE 1: EA055354CA
CODE 2: EFBDB20782
CODE 3: V4A5DE1653
CODE 4: CB1C636BE4
CODE 5: B9754652F6
CODE 6: C8A1E6D5A5
CODE 7: D9E0434B52
CODE 8: VFE3227A24

How to get Code Long General 3Q

Event 1: Join a Group
– Reward: Code Long General 3Q
– Link participating: Event 1

Event 2: Hard Fan Gathered
– Reward: GiftCode game Long Chess 3Q
– Link participating: Event 2

Some places get other free Long Chess 3Q Code
– Long Chess 3Q Website here
– Long General 3Q Fanpage here
– Group Long Chess 3Q here

How to enter the code long from 3q

Instructions for entering Code Long General 3Q

Step 1: At the main screen in the game, click the icon Welfare.
Step 2: Click on it GiftCode card to enter the redemption section.
Step 3: Import Code Long Chess 3Q in the box next to => select Receive Package.

Nine Sword Chi Vuong – A place where players can become a new Hero or Assassin, join a lost clan to experience martial arts that can only be found in history books, Code Cuu Kiem Chi Vuong The newest players of NPH are all gathered here.

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Download game Long Chess 3Q for Android and iOS

=> Link Download Long Chess 3Q for Android

=> Link Download Long Chess 3Q for iPhone

If you are a fan of the general card game, you cannot ignore the game Tan OMG3Q, along with that, quickly own the codes that are valuable Tan OMG3Q.

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