Clearing Super Mario Bros Island less than 5 minutes gamers set a world record

A Mario game fanatic has just set a world record with the destruction of the legendary game Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo line in 4 minutes 55,913 seconds beat the previous performance by nearly 1 second. The creator of this miracle is Kosmicd12, a gamer who specializes in live-stream speed-run on YouTube and Twitch.

Video sets a Super Mario Bros. record. less than 5 minutes

Super Mario Bros. Game Born in 1985 until now has been over 30 years but is still one of the most popular games and left a strong impression on players with Super Mario 3: Mario Forever on PC. It seems time will be blurred by the replacement of the survival shooting ame, but not, many gamers loyal to Mario are still looking for ways to set their own record with the game full of old memories. this poem.

Super Mario Bros. Game Taking the theme of saving the princess as a fairy tale, players play the character Mario (when there are two players, the second player controls Mario’s younger brother Luigi) to travel through the mushroom kingdom to Save the princess from the evil Bowser’s hands. This journey is not easy, even after decades there are still people who have never reached the end of the journey. However, the attraction of the game Super Mario Bros. has never changed.

With over 40 million copies sold, Super Mario Bros. was the best-selling title of all time before the arrival of Wii Sports, as well as Nintendo’s. However, in terms of popularity, Wii Sports cannot reach the level of Super Mario Bros. It was also this success that the publisher Nintendo had turned to specializing in developing games for the Nintendo system and got a lot of results later.

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Although at this time the Nintendo series is no longer popular, but these classic titles are gradually being changed to bring to PC and Mobile as well as Super Mario Run. In addition to the new record of Super Mario Bros. Surely there will be more breaks to create new surprises for this legendary game.

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