Civilization 6 – Legend of strategy brings storms to mobile

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There is good news for the gaming community of Civilization 6 that is the mobile version of this game is now available on the iPhone platform, the mobile version of this game is expected to be the same as on the iPad except that some features on the iPhone will be adjusted a bit. little.


Surely many gamers will wonder that, so far, Civilization 6 has had great experiences on the big screen, so when it is converted to a small screen like the iPhone, will those great experiences be there? lost or not. After viewing the images published below, gamers will be somewhat more reassured because the developer has adjusted some features for the “small version” of Civilization 6. iPhone games will be easier, the screen will also have many advantages with a streamlined layout. Civilization 6 will be a game with a “genuine” mobile version no less than the Ipad version.

However, this version is priced at 24 USD – a rather “expensive” price, for a mobile version of the game, this price seems a bit expensive compared to the common ground. But if you don’t buy it now, gamers will regret it later because from October 16 onwards it will increase the price to $ 60 – a price too high for Mobile gamers.

Gamers can download Civilization 6 to iPhone from the AppStore, the mobile version will support gamers to play the first 60 rounds for free. To play Civilization 6 on phones, gamers need to use iPhone 7 or higher with iOS 11 platform.

Some images of Civilization on the iPhone platform:



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