Chess Strategy: The best opening positions

Chinese Chess has long been a game, an indispensable pleasure for many people. Not only in Vietnam, not only the middle-aged people, or the elderly, but Chinese Chess also has a strange attraction to even young people, teenagers, or even women. a country other than Asia. Chinese Chess is not difficult to play, but it is not easy to play it – the sentence sounds like fun, but it’s true.

Play Chinese Chess (Chess) is divided into three phases Opening – Middle – Last. Each person has their own opinion and comments on each of these stages. Someone thinks that the most important is IntermediateBecause it is when players make vital decisions, strategies and plans are shown. There are also givers Endgame that is really important (according to “Massacre“). Because it is not unreasonable to say” Lost the country, two Rucks are wasted, meeting a Pawn period will also be successful “, it means that no matter what the Middle Ages are, if not favorable, it is useless, the parachutes are strong. Not being used properly, used properly is just a waste, while the weakest piece, if given the opportunity and used at the right time, the right place, will do.

But with so many “Fake States”, they say that Kick-off is really important and you can see who is the best in the first 5 moves of that game.

The best opening game in modern Chinese Chess

With a good start, players will have the opportunity to play out elegant troops, quickly deploy attack – defense, make use of the dominant pieces and avoid the squash when applying the next moves.

Chess Strategy: The best opening positions

Each player has a different way of playing, different fighting style when playing chess, and there is no specific rule or clear boundary for how the Opening is enough, how long, how many countries. However, there are some basic tips and principles that players should not, cannot ignore, are:

  • Try to deploy the stance quickly.
  • Do not use one piece, one piece for Kick-off. (crafts are equal, up the pieces are on both sides …).
  • The most popular, main pieces must be used early.
  • Only attack when your stance is certain and your units are in a favorable position.
  • Not greedy, avoid falling into the trap.
  • The moving countries need to be serene, not obstructing the next move.
  • Careful front and back, the steps of yourself and the opponent to take advantage of Kick off.
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Here will introduce to you 10 ways to deploy the best, popular and most famous Chinese Chess opening game that chess players are still using.

1. Counterattack Code

Counterattack Ma, also known as Counterattack Ma, Front artillery armor, Half of the mountain realm… is an extremely popular defensive stance in Chinese Chess. Because like the first cannon, this is a popular defense for the rear (rear) side. In this way, two Ma up to keep the front and to one piece Cannon in the middle these two Horses.

This is the most common stance because it proves us to be quite agile, with a strong match and prelude. The counter-bow Ma can easily change the game position, the troops are bound, one piece protects the other, and can defend tightly, counter-attack quickly, extremely convenient for ambushes, as well as travel. trigger war, trap, or capture other troops of the enemy, creating surprises and making the opponent unable to turn their hands.

2. Phong Ma

A chess stance is similar to that of Antiquity, but Phong Phong Ma creates a balanced and extremely stable game. Even in the International Chess competitions, it has been statistically stated that, This is the most used stance, and also the “First Cannon” breakout is very effective for the runner.

With Binh Phong Ma, two Ma will be attacked to keep the center well, the two neighboring cannons will be in charge of guarding Ma, creating a very solid position, plus the fact that the Rook army can split a country or tons. on the foot of the Statue to protect the cannon. Front of the Horse is the position that new players should use.

3. Thuan Phao

Firecrackers on the same side of two players can be used together

Thuan Phao, good Firecrackers – means that both players enter the First Cannon, and the Cannon that is used by both is on the same side of the board. With Ancient Chinese Chess, Thuan Phao is also called “Prime Gunners“. With this attack, if either side is in a hurry to immediately eat the opponent’s central pawn, it will commit the taboo in Chinese Chess, that is attack without fully deployed force, at this time, the side is eaten. It is possible to accept the first sacrifice to attack Ma to chase out the cannon, creating a chance of counterattack and having a reasonable chance to leave.

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4. Paddle Firecrackers
Paddle Cannon is also known as “Gunner Cannon”.

Also the countries of the first cannon, but against the cannon (Artillery reverse) is how two players use their cannons on different sides of the board. Although in appearance, this attack method is quite similar to that of the prosecution, but in fact, playing against the Cannon is not stable, but usually the way of the Opening creates many fierce attacks, trade-offs, creating losses from the beginning and in the end of a Bet there is only a win or a loss, and rarely there is a Draw.

5. Selling Toy Cannon

Chess Strategy: The best opening positions

It can be considered as a small variation of the way to use the first cannon, when the rear side does not use the cannon to fight against the first cannon, but wind Ma up to hold it, then pushes the cannon across the river, threatening the enemy Rook. , and in the end, it was to use either the dominant cannon or the attack of the first Cannon to find a counterattack. In real battle, “sell toy cannon“It seems slower, more leisurely, but it’s still a double match, requiring players to be careful and accurate to not sacrifice in vain.

6. Scoop

Chess Strategy: The best opening positions
The black army used the cannon’s friend

There are two types of cannon or scoop cannon, the Scorpion Cannon and the Scorpion Cannon. This means using the left, or right cannon to attack one square to keep Pawn’s head. This is a fairly rare approach to the user, because instead of using Code (more stable and stable), “Cannon message“Accidentally obscuring the direction of the deployment and even wasting a country in the deployment of the Opening Ceremony.

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7. Quy Firecrackers

Quy Firecrackers – Turtle back cannons

A folk style, with the priority given to defense. The Cannon Barrage is a form in which the user uses the Rook troops to protect the artillery, helping the Cannon to chase and manipulate the enemy attackers.Turtle back cannonVery seldom used due to his defensive leanness and lack of flexibility in deploying troops.

8. Thien Phong Phao

Chess Strategy: The best opening positions

If the regulation of the Cannon is to use the vehicle close to the border to protect the Cannon then “Thien Phong Phao“again is the way for the Xe to go first, then pull the Cannon to stalk and attack from afar. The more advantage of the rookie force is that the Rook army will be less intimidated and have a wider range of operations, linh more active “Turtle back cannon“.

9. Remote setting

In the 10 popular Opening stances, this is tthe opening flag for a “slaughter” (even more than “playing against the cannon”). A battle-for-battle position, the game ended quickly because the rear side accepted to sacrifice a horse to compete, proactively speeding up. Although it is said to be popular, it is only available in small tournaments, sidewalks, or romantic players. This is quite negative and is rarely used in major tournaments.

10. Uyen Uyen Phao

Since it comes from Tibet, “lovebirds” also called “Tibetan rights“- a pretty martial name. That is why this game is considered to be semi-professional, because it has a bit of a” wind “, but the player will attack Rook from two countries to keep a Cannon, later Then drag the other Cannon to the side to force the opponent’s Rook to come out. Combined with the move to Sy, the Statue, and the Artillery can create a battle with the Front of Ma, or Ma kneel when defending against the first Artillery. The opening of the Gunners lovebirds is also used quite a lot in tournaments around the world.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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