Chess coalition: The secret to climbing ranks is easy for beginners

In early April, Garena Lien Quan mobile officially opened the ranking of League of Nations Chess mode. If you want to become a super player, please refer to a few “small but martial arts” tips below of the Game.


This is a tactic that implies that you use a lot of rolls to refresh your buying list, from which to buy and match as many 3-star generals as possible. Specifically, the player will buy the entire number of champions of the same rank in each turn before the roll, then sell the next turn to roll again. At that time, you will have the right champion you want because the odds are higher when you remove unnecessary champions with the same rank every turn when you roll.

Tactical Hyper Roll

However, Hyper-Roll requires gamers to be quick because each round will only have 20 seconds for arranging the team and taking the hero.

Choose your squad

It can be said that this is the key factor determining the success or failure of gamers in the coalition chess. Since the number of champions of each team is limited, you will have to team up to be different from other teams so that the champion gets to 3 stars as quickly as possible.

Choose your squad

Besides, you should also choose buff the highest level of a profession or a certain faction instead of a lot buff Small will cause the power to be dispersed. Because at that time, buff the highest level of that profession or faction will give an extremely strong enhancement stat.

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Summon up your summoned beasts

Summon up your summoned beasts

Upgrading the summoned beast will directly affect the maximum number of pieces that appear on the board. After the end of a round, the summoned beast will gain some experience points. In addition, players can use gold to increase experience points for their summoned beasts. The summoned beast has a maximum of 9 levels, which means there will be a maximum of 9 chess pieces on the board.

Use money properly

If you are in a losing streak, keep your money at 10-20-30 and higher will increase your money for each round. But do not keep too much money, but rotate or upgrade as soon as necessary.

Use money properly

If you are on a winning streak, of course you will get more bonuses. At that time, use money to level up as quickly as possible because only when there is a high level, new generals with higher and stronger prices will be opened.

The above are the tips to help you climb rank effectively in the Coalition Chess. Wish you guys soon achieve your desired position on the rankings.

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