Cheat codes in the game Mordhau

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Mordhau scripts allow players to change the map or control other controls quickly, just enter the cheat command and you can make game adjustments to your liking, so you already know the rules. that code? If not, then follow the article below.

List of control commands in the game Mordhau is a good list because you can use them to control the game to your liking. As long as you don’t overdo it, it will bring many interesting experiences.

cheats in the game mordhau

Mordhau – Game beautiful medieval actionp on computer

– Link to download PC version: Mordhau

Cheat codes in the game Mordhau

* Mordhau Dashboard can be opened by pressing one of the keyboard hotkeys: (`), (~) or (ESC). Type the command in the text box and press Enter to execute. You must login your account as Administrators to use the commands, otherwise you won’t be able to use them.

adminlogin (password): Use to access controls.
adminlist: Provides a list of every admin in the game.
adminadd (STEAMID): Add permissions for the new administrator.
removeadmin (STEAMID): Remove administrator rights.
changelevel (map name): Change map.
restartlevel: Restart the game level.
addbots (INTEGER): Add more intelligent bots.
removebots (INTEGER): Remove bots.
kick (USER NAME / STEAMID>: Allows you to evict others.
board (USER NAME / STEAMID): Allows you to ban other players.
unban (USER NAME / STEAMID): Allows you to unblock other players.
banlist: List all the players you have banned.
– exit: This command takes you out of the game completely.
– disconnect: Allows you to disconnect from the server.
– demorec name: Record a demo with the name in use.
– demostop: Stop recording demo.
– demoplay: Play the demo.
– Stats FPS: Show FPS counter.
– slomo (VALUE): Change game speed.
– playersonly: Single player command and stacks all bots in the level.
– changesize x: The command plays one person and allows you to resize your character
– m.showcrosshair 0: Turn off crosshair.
– m.inverseattackdirection 1: Reverse the direction of the attack.
Above are the cheat codes in the Mordhau game that Taimienphi wants to send to readers, if you are new to the game and are interested in the Mordhau action game, you can refer to the tutorial article. How to play Mordhau for new gamers on our site. Any questions about Mordhau game, please comment in the comment section below the article.

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