Zin charger for Nintendo 2DS and 3DS game consoles

Did your family give you a Nintendo 2DS / 3DS but don’t have a charger, or can you charge it with a 110v electric? You are about to buy a 3DS game console but wonder why there is no charger, but you have to buy it separately? What kind of charger can you buy from the US in Vietnam? Today, nShop team will have a charging consultation for Nintendo 2DS & 3DS game consoles, which goes into key questions that are often difficult for customers to find out for themselves.

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Can the Nintendo 3DS charger work with my 2DS?

Why on the web nShop sells rechargeable products together with 2DS products with New 3DS XL?

Can you use it? Because in order to save production cost of production line, Nintendo designs all models of the company from DSi to New 3DS XL to use the same charger. So you can feel secure to buy and sell chargers at nShop as long as your device belongs to the following generations:

  • Nintendo DSi
  • Nintendo DSi XL / LL (XL is the name of DSi with big screen sold in the US and Europe markets, similar to LL is the name in the Japanese market) *
  • Nintendo 2DS
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Nintendo 3DS XL / LL *
  • New Nintendo 3DS
  • New Nintendo 3DS XL / LL
  • New Nintendo 2DS XL / LL

Another interesting thing is that except for the shared charger between the 3DS models, the battery of the machine also has a number of Nintendo models used together such as:

  • Nintendo 3DS XL shares the battery with the New Nintendo 3DS XL
  • The Nintendo 2DS shares the battery with the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Hand Battery!
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So when you buy the battery for the above devices, if you run out of battery for one device, you can fire it by buying the battery of the other device. Very safe.

3DS machines purchased in Japan / USA use 110v electricity. So buying a 220v charger at nShop and plugging in has fire?

You can rest assured to buy and use, will not affect the machine. One thing that ordinary users often get confused about is that 110v electric machines cannot be plugged into 220v power.

In fact, your game machine itself only receives an input current of 4.6V. And 110 or 220 electricity is a problem with the charger. If the charger you buy in the US, Japan – usually the input will be 110v, output 4.6v. Thus, if plugged into the 220v power in Vietnam, the charger will burn. Also chargers sold in the European market (Including Australia) and Asia (Asia division), the 220v input power output 4.6v.

Original charger of DSi, 2DS, new 3DS XL

As you can see, both European, American, and Japanese chargers have an output of 4.6v. So if you accidentally plugged in the 110v charger, or lost the existing charger, when buying a new one, you should choose 220V for your convenience!

Small tip you: Charging 220v when plugged into the 110v current, then still use normally okay! Only the opposite is not okay.

NShop store sells 220v charger for Nintendo DSi, 2DS and 3DS

Why does the New 3DS XL game machine sold at the shop do not include a charger? Is the shop intentionally selling separately to make more money?

Absolutely not, okay? Do not think unjustly for nShop game store and other game shops. As listed in the first question, the chargers of almost all Nintendo models share the same charger, the company explains to save users – instead of selling the $ 220 device with a charger, the company will sell the price. 210 $ for example.

Most of Nintendo’s customers are long-time customers, they play from the DSi era and then upgrade the game console to new models. Adding money to the charger available at home is a waste and does not protect the environment at all. That is the explanation of the company, and our customers are often annoyed: Only new customers are not old but sell that way. Then nShop will also accept it, hi hi. You sympathize with Japanese firms that often have a slightly bizarre way of thinking that is difficult to explain and always conservative with that way of thinking.

USB charger for DSi, 2DS, 3DS

I see the shop selling USB chargers, which is different from normal charging? Should I use the charger or the charger or have to spend both?

The answer is depending on your needs. USB charging is essentially a 2-headed cable: 1 head gets power from the USB port and 1 output matches the 2DS / 3DS charger. If you use a charger from iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Anker, you can combine it with this charger. Even using portable rechargeable battery brings maximum convenience for you.

As for whether USB charging is better than normal charging or not, it depends on your charging cup. If you use the original charger that comes with your phone, or a charger from a famous brand like Anker, the quality is guaranteed to be maximized. If you buy non-branded floating charging cups or counterfeit products on the market, the best advice is to use the charger to make sure not to damage the device.

If possible, you can use it in combination, charging at home, plug in the charger. USB charger to carry in backpack ready to go away, no battery is missed.

Thus, through the article on the shop hope you have a clearer view of the common equipment that must be purchased when you have a Nintendo 2DS / 3DS game machine. If you have any questions or are missing any questions that need answers, you can call the shop’s hotline directly: 0909848921 for further advice.


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