CFL – Tony CFM is super excited with M4A1-Peony & Kukri-Peony

Let’s explore the combination of the 3 weapons M4A1-Peony, DE-Peony & Kukri-Peony to activate the penetration increase effect.


In the update Crossfire Legends This November, the gunner will have a huge new set of weapons added to the game Peony – Peony including 5 weapons: AK47-Peony, M4A1-Peony, Barrett-Peony, DE-Peony & Kukri-Peony. The special feature of this Peony weapon set is that the effects are activated according to each weapon set: increased penetration (M4A1-Peony, DE-Peony & Kukri-Peony), increased ability to hear enemy footsteps. (AK47-Peony, DE-Peony & Kukri-Peony) and increased movement speed (Barrett-Peony, DE-Peony & Kukri-Peony).

Let’s find out the power of M4A1-Peony when combined with DE-Peony & Kukri-Peony to activate the penetrating effect.​

  • M4A1-Peony is strong in damage, penetration and stability in combat, and thanks to the silencer barrel, the gun shoots quite quietly.​” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​


  • Kukri-Peony’s stats are slightly better than many melee weapons of the same quality. With the characteristics of the Kukri series, it is light, attacks quickly and deals great damage.​


With each item individually, their power is already very respectable and when combined with the effect of increasing penetration, this will be a set of weapons that will be loved by many gamers. More specifically, with the silencer barrel, the M4A1-Peony will prove extremely advantageous when used in the newly released Ghost game mode.

Besides, with light characteristics, fast attack and great damage, Kukri-Peony will also be an extremely terrible weapon when you play in melee mode. Especially when you’ve maxed out your melee talent. Watch Tony CFM, use Kukri-Peony to stir up melee mode:

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Have you owned your own M4A1-Peony & Kukri-Peony of the Peony VIP weapon set? Let’s experience it with your teammates in the CrossFire Legends battlefield!​

‘s channel Tony Nguyen:

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