Called a cheater, PUBG gamers filmed a clip to prove that their bare hands killed 28 lives

In any gaming community, components that cheat, use hacks, cheats are never agreed or supported, even vehemently boycotted by genuine players. But what happens when just because your gaming level is so “top” that everyone thinks you’re a cheater, how will you feel? That’s the case of a Youtuber nicknamed Panda recently when a lot of people thought that he used a hack to play. PUBG Mobile. Angry, annoyed by the unjust accusation, his honor was lowered, and to whitewash himself, this guy had to manually record the clip to prove it.

The clip is more than 21 minutes long, directly recording the scene of a male gamer playing PUBG Mobile on an Ipad and his hands are not using a support tool or hacking or cheat software. After the video was released, many people, especially those who doubted the guy before, had to shut up. And even more admired when in the game, the male gamer showed off his super “hands-on” when he killed a circuit to… 28 lives.


Hack and cheat seem to be becoming more and more haughty in any gaming community. Although the purpose of the game is just for entertainment and a level playing field for everyone. However, a part of gamers with a passionate nature, like to excel, want to “find” to find “black” paths to success sooner than others. The very thing that seems to be just to satisfy my own ego loses the inherent beauty and fairness of the game, making other true gamers unable to help but feel frustrated and annoyed. It is also from this discord that many bad stories have happened. For example, the story above

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