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Call of Duty’s Sniper-Firing Shotgun is about to be nerfed


Modern Warfare players are calling for “nerf” password shotgun 725, and it looks like this will happen soon. The upcoming major update will include the balance adjustment First for Modern Warfare’s weapons. The developers have reviewed the complaints about the 725 gun change, players will know the results soon in the upcoming update.

Infinity Ward communications manager Ashton Williams tweeted: “While tracking issues arise, an update coming out over the next few days will improve stability across all platforms, bug fixes, weapon adjustments, footsteps, claymore mines, and more.Ashton also replied to a fan about the problem with the 725, “If the test goes well, the 725 gun. will be adjusted.”


Joe Cecot, director of multiplayer design, recently responded to complaints about the 725 in a rather roundabout way with a sideways eye icon, suggesting that the issue is under consideration.

The 725 has a fairly wide range of uses, sometimes outstripping SMGs and rifles in similar conditions. The Modern Warfare subreddit is full of comments about the gun, and even a clip shows how devastating the 725 can be when using only normal ammunition.

Shotgun-specific slugs can produce one-shots from any range, but they require more precision. When combined with slug ammunition and scope – 725 turns into a sniper rifle at extremely long range.

This imba shotgun reminds fans of speak on singer Post Malone’s call of Duty: “Whoever uses a shotgun in CoD, m* it’s a*.”​

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