Caitlyn-style Tanker but still enough damage, have you tried it?

Besides the familiar formations in The Arena of Truth There are different unique and unique directions for team and champion building that we should try to feel the appeal of the title Strategy game Teamfight Tactics. In the lower part of the article, EmergenceInGame will show you how ADC build Caitlyn in favor of Tanker Please.

Why is the Caitlyn tanker?

Idea Caitlyn Tanker of YouTube channel called TeslaSamurai

Basic parameters of Caitlyn:

  • Price: 1 gold.
  • Race: Time no.
  • System: Archer.
  • Blood: 500/900/1620
  • Damage: 45/81 / 145.8
  • DPS: 34/61/109
  • Attack range: 5 cells
  • Speed ​​Attack: 0.75
  • Armor: 20
  • Magic Armor: 20
  • Skills: Bach Phat Bach Truc – Caitlyn aims to shoot the farthest target, causing 750/1500/3000 magic damage On the first enemy hit.

For simplicity, this general is very cheap (1 gold). So what kind of team match? How to dress up? Put Caitlyn in the front row like a real Tanker?

The answer is not completely! Because of the nature Caitlyn was Archer So we still leave this charming girl in the back row, and the equipment must be defensive for the Tank. Specifically:

  • Warmog’s Armor: +400 health, used champions are restored 4% of Health is lost per second (max 150 health per second).
  • Sword Swords: +25 Armor, +25 Magic Armor. Normal attacks have 25% the ability to inflict the enemy Disaster in 3 seconds, making them unable to fight.
  • Cap of Thorns: +50 armor, removes bonus damage from critical attacks. When attacked by basic attack, inflict 100/140/200 magic damage Up every enemy around, that can only happen each 2.5 seconds.
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With the extreme damage of Ulti, Caitlyn only needs to get 3 stars to “balance” all types of opponent’s squad. And our main job is to make sure that Caitlyn grows to level 3 thanks to the supportive squad of 6 Universe – Celestial Caitlyn’s shot would return each time 1800 Hp muscle there!

When equipping 3 items as suggested above, Caitlyn will ensure good resistance. However when it comes Level 8, if you open it can be added Karma and Lulu it would be better because it would compensate for a considerable amount of magic resistances ADC Caitlyn.

The ideal team formation to support Caitlyn would be below:

Because Caitlyn only 1 gold, so up 3 stars is not too complicated like other expensive champions. So other heroes that only need 2 stars are fine. And as mentioned above, players need to quickly reach level 8 in order to put Lulu in the lineup 6 Universe (or pairing items Planet Celestial Ball (Cosmic Gem) for any champion).

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