Beautiful bathroom design suggestions in Minecraft

Room design in Minecraft is an enjoyable experience. The article will give you some ideas about Beautiful bathroom design for Minecraft.

Bathroom design in Minecraft

If you want to find a rewarding creative playground then Minecraft The choice could not be more perfect. It is always on the list of the best games of all time. And despite its long launch, Minecraft has never lost its appeal. This “magic block” game is still being updated with new content continuously.

Coming to Minecraft, you not only learn how to survive and build a dream world, but also works, architecture and dream rooms. All are just square blocks but have “miraculous power”.

In this article, let learn how to design a simple bathroom with essential equipment. Basically, to build everything, you always need to make a list of the necessary items and materials first. Then determine their position on the construction area, then start implementing. Thanks to that, everything will become much simpler.

Beautiful bathroom design suggestions in Minecraft


Use an End Portal block as a washbasin in Minecraft

Using an End Portal block is just like in the kitchen.


  1. Destroy two blocks on the wall.
  2. Replace holes with quartz blocks.
  3. Place the two rails starting with the above quartz blocks. Destroy the tracks in the distance. This makes the left track straight.
  4. Put the trailer on the rails and the toilet is ready for you.

Mirror for the bathroom more lively

  1. Smash a block on the wall.
  2. Build a small room behind that hole with the same material as the blocks behind you.
  3. Bring a villager inside that room.
  4. Place a sheet of glass where you just removed the cube.
  5. Look in it to discover the interesting thing that awaits you.
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Now the shower is ready for use. This is a picture of a public bathhouse in Minecraft.

You can build and install more equipment for your dream bathroom. The above is just a simple and easiest guide to building & designing bathroom in Minecraft but still ensuring aesthetics. In addition to the above classic bathroom style, you can refer to the following modern design:

Modern bathroom design suggestions in Minecraft

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