Arena of Valor: Top generals with the most “terrible” damage in season 18

Season 18 in Arena of valor was the golden age of gladiators. However, champions that deal massive damage are always preferred because of their powerful sweeping abilities. The following article will summarize the top champions that deal the best damage in the season 18 meta in Mobile Union.

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Arena of Valor: Top generals with the most “terrible” damage in season 18


Bright is a champion capable of dealing extreme damage in 2vs2 and 3vs3 skirmishes in the early and mid game. Possessing both ranged and melee abilities, Bright is also equipped with the skill of immortality, sweeping and not afraid of shock damage. Not only that, Bright can also approach weak enemies and finish them off with just a few hits.


In Arena of Valor, Ngo Khong is a general with high damage, big crit and fast damage. Wukong’s attacks will be extremely powerful if he has a certain amount of equipment. Even many Wukong fighting games can send enemies to the board with just one hit. That’s why Wukong is also on the list of the best “KS” generals.


Zata is a mid lane champion with a large amount of damage and stability in the League. Zata has the ability to approach from afar and deal massive damage with his ultimate. At the same time, this champion can also put pressure on the entire map with his damage in the mid-game. When in the hands of experienced players, Zata will really be a nightmare for your team.


Nakroth in League of Legends season 18 is not the strongest 1vs1 solo champion but will definitely be in the top of the best “KS” generals. Simply because Nakroth has the ability to move very quickly in combat, accumulate resources and crush opponents with superior gold. And with full equipment, Nakroth will be able to deal a huge amount of damage.

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Wish you success with the great damage generals on the list above!

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