Aquaman has officially appeared in the Fortnite world

With the start of week five of Fortnite’s third season, players can now unlock the much-anticipated Aquaman skin. There’s also another optional skin, called Arthur Curry, if you’re ready to complete an additional quest.

Rising from the depths, Aquaman came to the shores of the Island and he brought his 5th weekly challenge. Complete 5 Aquaman Battle Pass challenges and unlock cool Aquaman skins and other cool rewards.

aquaman appears in fortnite

Aquaman and Fortnite things to know

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Aquaman Challenge in Fortnite

Fortnite allows players to try out one Aquaman challenge per week, so if you’re not keeping up with your to-do list, you’ll have a bit of a tough time ahead.

Until week five, no one could earn the base Aquaman skin. Each week, Fortnite will unlock a new Aquaman challenge, and with the arrival of week five, players can finally complete the final challenge. In case you didn’t keep up, here are all the quests and their associated rewards:

  • – Week 1: Use whirlpool at Fortilla and reward is King of the Beach – loading screen.
  • – Week 2: Catch 2 different species of fish in a match and the reward is Sea Shaka – Emote.
  • – Week 3: Use a fishing rod to ride Loot Shark at Sweaty Sands and the reward is Trident – Spray.
  • – Week 4: Complete the swim challenge at Dirty Docks and reward Supreme Shell – Back Bling.
  • – Week 5: Collect trident at Coral Cave and reward Aquaman’s trident – tool.
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Aquaman has conquered the world of fortnite

After unlocking the Aquaman skin, you dress up to participate in an additional challenge and receive the Arthur Curry skin – king of the 7 oceans. Whether you haven’t started the Aquaman challenges or just have this week’s challenge left, all of his goals will be available for the rest of Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 3.
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