Appears a “strange” company, specializing in providing “tutor” to teach children … to play games

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What could be better when instead of having to hold a pen to solve difficult and dry equations, we can hold a controller to play interesting games? While a part of the political world and parents consider games to be the cause of young people’s violence, depression, and academic decline, Gemutore – a newly established tutoring company based in Japan is not has a completely different perspective. According to them, not only entertainment, games also bring a lot of benefits to children.


Providing “tutors” with top-notch gaming skills, Gemutore doesn’t care if their students can become gamer professional or not. Their goal is much deeper and nobler – to train children’s intelligence and communication skills through video games. Through hour-long lessons where a teacher guides 2-3 students, Gemutore describes her service as “naraigoto,” a term that describes educational activities that help children develop knowledge and skills.

Not only children have dreams of becoming professional gamers, but all children are their potential customers. Because, according to the company, video games can really help develop children’s thinking such as the ability to process information, analyze and make decisions. In fact, Gemutore plays games that have the same effect of training intelligence and skills as chess.


With the rapid growth of Esports, many companies are looking for ways to profit from this emerging industry. However, according to Kazuki Obata, founder of Gemutore, their goal is just to bring holistic development to children while alleviating the pressure they face at school. It is known that the company’s “tutors” are all experienced gamers who have participated in many domestic and international tournaments.


Classes usually take place on weekend mornings and are taught via video chat to recharge students with positive energy before they move on with the rest of the day. Moreover, the lessons are also reasonably designed so that students are not too addicted to the game to stay up all day and all night.

The percentage of children who can become professional and successful players is very low, so Gemutore’s focus on training children’s skills and intelligence through games is the right direction and can bring long-term benefits. .​

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