Apex Legends Season 5 trailer introduces Legend Loba’s skill set

Apex Legends Season 5 trailer introduces Legend Loba's skill set

Respawn Entertainment has officially released the full trailer for Apex Legends Season 5. The trailer shows fans the upcoming Loba character in his quest to get revenge on Revenant, the Synthetic Nightmare assassin who killed his family.

As usual, the new season of Apex Legends brings a new character for players to use. With this Season 5, Respawn decided to cast Loba, a character mentioned in the game files for a long time, but never officially announced in the game.

Everything changed in the first Season 5 teaser on April 30, ‘Legecy of a Thief’ and Loba were spotted in the game menu.

Season 5 Apex Legends
Loba finally arrives in Apex Legends on May 12

The plot between Revenant and Loba actually dates back to Season 4 with the Revenant murderer slaughtering his entire family before realizing Hammond Robotics and the Syndicate had turned him into a robot. Only one member of the family survived, the little girl witnessed the entire event, and grew up in Loba. She now decides to find the Revenant, and avenge the massacre of her family.

During the first Season 5 teasers, Loba hunted Reveant, following the character from Kings Canyon while seeking to disable him forever.

Skulltown destroyed?

The trailer ends with Loba facing her arch-nemesis, but upon entering the game, she has to put this plan on hold. The trailer also shows some major changes to the map, it looks like Skulltown will be destroyed.

Loba’s skill

In the trailer, we see what she can do in Apex Games. As information has revealed, Loba will be able to teleport with his special tool.

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Another skill shows her stealing a weapon from an enemy, apparently also using teleport. We don’t know exactly which is the ultimate and which is the tactical skill.

What we see in the trailer coincides with the leaked information:

  • Burglar’s Best Friend – throw the disc and teleport to that location
  • Supply for Demand – Reselect loot. Reveal the location of that loot in the area around you
  • Eye for Quality – Loba can see through walls near him to find loot
  • Black Market Boutique – Place a device that can steal all nearby loot.

What else does Apex Legends Season 5 have?


One of the new things added in Season 5 is the presence of Quests. It will be a new way for players to receive rewards. According to the official description from Respawn, players will be “hunting for treasures and answers”, with promising rewards for those who succeed.

Exactly how the Quests work is still unclear, but there’s a good chance they’ll take place throughout the season. The game will give players a big quest to complete in the coming months.

Apex Legends Season 5 Battle Pass

New Season 5 Battle Pass: Fortune’s Favor will be added, with 100 items including Legendary character and gun skins, Apex Pack, and other decorative items.

Respawn also teased that “new Battle Pass content” will be available for the first time this season, but we don’t know what it is yet.

Ranked Series 4 and Map Rotation

New Season means new Ranked Series. It is designed to test your skills and rank players against other good gamers.

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Like last season, the Ranked Series will be split in half, with the first map taking place at World’s Edge, then changing to King’s Canyon.

Apex Legends Season 5 will be available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on May 12.

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