Apex Legends Season 5: New Quest Will Have PvE And Artifact Hunting

Apex Legends Season 5: New Quest Will Have PvE And Artifact Hunting

Electronic Arts previously mentioned that “quests” would be available in Apex Legends Season 5, Fortune’s Favor, but they did not say how it would work. Recently, the gameplay trailer for season 5 has been released. More importantly, it details the first quest: to find the mysterious artifact called The Broken Ghost.

Players in Duo, Trio, LTM and Ranked will be able to collect Treasure Packs, loot items containing crafting material and Apex Packs, up to BattlePass XP, and the ability to participate in weekly Hunts. There are 45 Treasure Packs to collect this season, but you can only get one per day, so remember to share with your teammates.

Weekly Hunt is the attraction of this season. They are “fast and furious events at King’s Canyon at night, playable solo or squad. In this mode, you have to find a predefined location, get that item, and find a gathering location to retreat. It sounds simple, but players will have to confront the Prowlers on their journey: disgusting creatures that appeared earlier this year during the Bloodhound’s Trials event.

The first of the 9 Hunts will air on May 19, and they’ll run for weeks after that. Completing a Hunt will grant you an artifact, a weapon enchantment, and the opening of a new chapter in The Broken Ghost story, as well as the ability to replay old Hunts throughout the season.

The plot of The Broken Ghost will continue Loba Andrade’s revenge journey with Revenant, the killer robot that massacred his family. All players will get to play the opening chapter when Season 5 begins, after which you need to complete the Hunts to unlock the next chapters.

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Apex Legends Season 5 begins on May 12.

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