Angel Quang Vinh – another role-playing game worth experiencing

Angel of Glory is a mobile game MMORPG 3D is exclusively developed by Jedi, a company established in 2013 with a number of games that have been released such as Orthodox Three Kingdoms, Thien Thien Quai Co, My Son Giang Son.


The game is set in an ancient fantasy continent, combining unique gameplay such as raising animals, practicing skills, skill books… The game takes players to the chaotic time of the great war of ancient times. , will definitely bring a lot of attractive experiences for players.

The game begins with a flashback, through animations to tell the story of the player being defeated by the demon king, but rescued by the archangel, while losing his memory and soul, the player will must start a new journey. After the opening story ends, you will go to the Guangming Mainland to receive the quest and start the war with the demon king, gradually unlocking new skills and new maps, through the instructions, the level of the players will be upgraded quickly, and one thing many gamers don’t like about this game is the continuous task performance and running back and forth between NPCs, the developer recommends that you turn on suspend mode. machine for his character to move on his own.

As a game with a fantasy theme, the scenes in the game are designed including oases, valleys, deserts, paradises… each scene is very dreamy and has a true fantasy quality. The game’s graphics are quite beautiful, the characters are designed quite delicately, and the light elements are perfectly combined, from characters to NPCs, which are designed to be extremely vivid and realistic, besides the Jedi also invite professional voice actors for NPCs, creating intimacy with players. There are currently 3 professions for players to choose from such as swordsman, magician, archer. Each profession has a special feature, and possesses different weapons, the weapons corresponding to the attributes of the three characters.

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The game also allows players to participate in battles with BOSS, when first playing the wars in the copy is relatively easy, regardless of fighting monsters or fighting BOSS you do not have to worry about attack power, after leveling up you can New instances can be opened and the difficulty of each instance will be gradually increased.


Continuing to be another role-playing game from China, if you love this genre, you should not ignore Angel of Glory. All news about the game will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com as soon as possible.

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