Among Us Online can be played with 100 people?

Game Among Us 100 người cùng lúc

Among Us is continuing to cause “storm” around the world, even attracting American Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez to participate in the search for the fake. Recently, many players stir when they see a video game Among Us playing with 100 people at the same time.

So in fact, a fake hunt in Among Us How many players will the maximum be? Can you organize one game Among Us online 100 people? Let’s go to to find the answer!

Game Among Us 100 people at the same time

Things you need to know about Among Us Online 100 people

How many people can join one game in Among Us?

Among Us allows you to host a fake hunter game with a minimum of 4 people and up to 10 players at the same time. All participants will be assigned the role of astronauts or impostors. Among Us’s astronauts must run around the ship to complete the mission and eliminate all impostors. In contrast, the only goal of the impostor was to kill the astronaut with vandalism.

In a game Among Us 10 people, you can choose the number of imposters. Ideally, 2 Imposters because 3 impostors can help each other win, and 1 single impostor will be harder to create trust with real astronauts during discussions.

What is Game Among Us 100 players?

Among Us, many people have tried to customize the game experience by creating mods for a certain purpose. For example, one mod Among Us allows 100 players to play at the same time due to Socksfor1 on its own custom server:

After installing this mod, you can create a customized Among Us room for 100 people and also join other games in the Discord Socks Drawer server. If you are not the owner of a game, other people can invite you to join their server in Among Us as a way to access a private server in the normal game version.

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What happens when 100 people play the same game Among Us?

Surely the hunt for a faker will become more difficult. To start, the player can choose a color from among the 12 available colors. Due to the large number of astronauts, many people will have the same color. That makes meeting or differentiating teammates much more difficult.

The difference in mod game Among Us 100 people is the number of fake guys. Normally there will be only 2 impostors in a game, but in this special mod, a hunt will have up to 10 imposters.

YouTuber The Pixel Kingdom has created a mod version Among Us 100 different with only 1 Crewmate versus 99 Imposter. The end result is quite interesting.

Can you play Among Us 100 people?

Yes, but will be limited. First, you can only install this mod Among Us on your PC and must reach a certain rank on Discord.

In addition, the file of mod Among Us is also potentially a virus, so you should consider it before installing.

Mod game Among Us 100 people

In general, if you want to experience a crowded, chaotic, and more difficult-to-find counterfeit game and not be afraid of viruses, install mod Among Us.

Above is everything you need to know about How to play Among Us 100 people. Hopefully the article will help you choose the right game mode.

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