Among Us: How to change the settings in the game

You can change install the game Among Us as expected. Let’s learn how to adjust the game settings Among Us How is it!

After being a series of streamer sharing gameplay on video sharing platforms, Among Us quickly became the hottest mobile game today with attractive and dramatic gameplay. With a large number of players, Among Us has quickly climbed up the ranks, becoming the most streamed game on Twitch, attracting 5 times more audiences than Fortnite.

Not only “entertaining” gameplay is interesting, Among Us also allows players to customize a lot of settings, from avatars, kill distance, polling time to the vision of the impostor … how to change the game settings Among Us as expected.

How to change the game settings Among Us

1. Create a game

To tweak Among Us’s settings, the first thing you need to do is create a game – online or local. Both are similar.

Create a game Among Us

2. Enter the lobby

If you are owning a local game (on the same network or local), Among Us will take you straight to the lobby of your personal lounge. If it’s an Online room, you’ll be greeted with a preliminary settings menu like this:

Select the toy map Among Us

Here, you can choose maps, players and imposters, and the language of the chat. After completing the selection, press Confirm to confirm and enter the lobby.

3. Use the laptop icon

Use Among Us's laptop icon

You will find yourself inside the terrifying corridors of the spaceship, in a strange and lone form. In this area there are several boxes of goods, a laptop. All you need to do is open the laptop to access the settings. At this point, icon Use in the lower right corner will become the button Customize press on the laptop image as shown below. Click on it.

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Open the game settings Among Us

4. Adjust Among Us settings as desired

Go to settings game Among Us

You will see a menu with 5 different tabs. Here, you can customize the player color, choose a hat, companion pet or skin and most importantly start the trick with setting Among Us deeper by clicking Game.

Tweak Among Us game settings as desired

You are comfortable adjust the game settings Among Us as you wish without damaging the setup settings. If you want to return to setting up the original Among Us game, check the box Recommended Settings at top.

Best Setting Among Us

Suggest how to adjust the setting Among Us best

Among Us the following settings will help you create a balanced, more challenging game for 8 players.

  • Imposter – Imposter: 2
  • Confirm Ejects – Confirm removal: Off
  • Number of Emergency Meetings – Number of emergency meetings: 2
  • Emergency Cooldown – The interval between emergency meetings: 20 seconds
  • Player Speed ​​- The speed of the player: 1.25x
  • Discussion Time – Discussion time: 30 seconds
  • Voting Time – Time to vote: 60 seconds to 120 seconds
  • Crewmate Vision – The vision of the astronaut: 1.00x to 1.25x
  • Imposter Vision – The vision of an impostor: 1.5x to 1.75x
  • Kill Cooldown – Kill button recovery time: 22.5 seconds to 30 seconds
  • Kill Distance – The distance to defeat the target: Short (short)
  • Visual Tasks – Visual tasks: On
  • Common Tasks – Common tasks: first
  • Long Tasks – Long tasks: 2
  • Short Tasks – Short tasks: 2

Note, you should uncheck the suggested settings so you can edit options. Among us the game’s default settings have not really brought into play the attraction of this game like this Werewolf. So, don’t be afraid to tweak them.

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