Among Us 2: all we need to know about release date, content, maps, gameplay, price …

Currently InnerSloth has officially confirmed the existence of Among Us 2

Among Us officially released from year 2018, but only recently created spikes based on the positive changes from manufacturers about gameplay, interface … On this occasion, InnerSloth has also officially announced and released information about the Among Us 2’s presence – The next version of Among Us, are in the middle of development and testing. So what is the difference among us 2? Ever launched? Add new gameplay, maps … or not? Let’s join EmergenceInGame refer to this information!

Summary of tips you need to know and know about Among Us 1:

Among Us is going to come out in 2021?
Among Us is going to come out in 2021?

1. When will Among Us 2 be released?

At this point the InnerSloth producer is not sure about anything, but if it is to follow the roadmap without encountering any obstacles. Among Us 2 will enter the Open Beta period no later than the end of 2021. That’s estimated time based on your experience producing and developing current version of Among Us.

2. Is Among Us 2’s selling price much more expensive than Among Us 1?

Most likely that Among Us 2 on PC computer It will not be free, but players only need to spend a very small amount of money. As for those who have bought it all Among Us 1 via Steam there will be a significant discount code.

As for Among Us 2 on Mobile it is more likely to remain the same: Free To Play And players only have to spend money to remove ads only.

Besides, InnerSloth also plans to release the currency used in the game, mainly for Skin purchase for the character.

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3. Among Us 2 will have anything newer than Among Us currently?

How to play basic GamePlay:

There won’t be any changes to the gameplay of Among Us – it is an InnerSloth statement about the upcoming project Among Us 2. Instead, the developer will focus on the work Improved game functionality, added and expanded many new map maps. Maybe there will be Among Us 2 players join 15 players instead of numbers up to 10 people as it is, but the number of Impostor will remain the same a maximum of 3 Impersonators.

Is there a new game mode or not?

Also according to InnerSloth, players can choose to add a new mode map, possibly Hide and Seek, add options Fight with friends or players in the previous match. This will make it easier for gamers to make friends if they meet players with similar qualifications, interests and languages.

Added player report function when detecting cheating, cheat hacking or deliberately breaking the game!

Like any other Online Multiplayer game, there will be a situation of hacking, cheating or intentionally destroying the game, Among Us 2 will add a Report button – Report right at the game screen for players to simultaneously remove promissory note.

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