Among Us: 10 features that make the game even more interesting

You think Among Us Should add any features to make the game more interesting and not be “overshadowed” by new titles after that?

Among Us now has a ton of features, from character customization options to unique gameplay mechanics for both astronauts and imposters. After many updates, Among Us is growing more and more and here are some Among Us’s most anticipated features.

10 features that make the game Among Us more interesting

1. Voice chat

Among Us voice chat

Among the interesting elements of Among is that the player needs to try to find out which individual is lying. With the current text chatbot system, it’s easier for players to lie. So, it’s great if Among Us has voice chat feature with mic without having to use an external application.

2. Larger waiting lobby

Among Us is a bigger lobby

Currently, Among Us allows a maximum of 10 players in a room. This limit is not too bad, but it limits only 2 impostors in a game. The 3 impostors are more likely to win a 10-man match, as long as no one is caught the first time they kill.

The best way to add more players is to increase the total to 15. This allows the team to increase the number of members, making the game more interesting as well. Hopefully InnerSloth will respond to that soon.

3. Extensive customization

Expand the possibilities for customization in Among Us

Currently, the ability to customize each character in Among Us is quite rich. Players have up to 12 color options, add a helmet, choose a skin or buy a companion pet.

However, many people hope Among Us will have more color correction bars so that they can get the desired color for the character with the ability to upload skins, created hats.

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4. Friends system

Among Us's Friends System

Among Us does not have a system to find and add you to play with. Instead, the player must generate a room code and send it to their friends so they can join the game.

It’s not too inconvenient, but it’s clearly easier to create rooms and directly invite people. In addition, the famous streamer Among Us had to hide the room code to avoid unwanted guests. Giving each player an ID and allowing them to create direct friend halls seems more plausible.

5. More hiding ways

There are more ways to hide Imposter in Among Us

Currently, Among Us’s impostors has only one way to avoid being found guilty by jumping into nearby Vent. Not only is this a great way to escape to another room, but it also allows players to hide themselves when they don’t want to wander around.

If the developer adds more ways to protect himself for the Imposter in front of the crowd, surely identifying a fake will be more difficult. The game will also be more interesting and challenging for everyone.

6. Add map

Map of the game Among Us

This is one of the most requested features in the game. Currently Among Us has 3 maps: The Skeld, Polus and Mira HQ. Although they all bring a unique experience for the player, over time they will become old if nothing changes or improves.

The developer has announced that it will add a new map for Among Us in the upcoming update.

7. Disguise

Among Us disguised

This is difficult but imagine if impostors have the ability to disguise like someone in the lobby, what will happen? Just have a suitable limit such as the number of uses in each game in a round, Among Us players can create funny and mischievous situations.

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8. Pitfalls

Pitfalls in Among Us

Another factor that many players hope to soon be in Among Us is the use of traps, instead of just destructive as it is currently.

This feature can be restricted to use by game, but it provides a unique gameplay mechanic if an imposter creates a trap in a room. After that, if someone accidentally stepped on the trap, they would die without seeing the perpetrator. From here on, finding the culprit is definitely more difficult.

9. Role

Added a role in the game Among Us

Fan Among Us hopes the game has more roles to balance and allows them to create many different gameplay in each turn. The developer is considering the role of a capable astronaut like the sheriff. They can find out someone’s identity or have tools to help find a killer.

In addition, the impostor will also have many types with different methods of deceiving astronauts, even a neutral role who wants to be “killed”.

10. Set up the game Among Us

Preset for the game Among Us

It’s great if players can preset specific game modes so they don’t have to fiddle with the settings every time they enter the lobby.

Above are 10 features that players Among Us most expect. Hopefully the developer will add them to the game soon Among Us in upcoming updates.

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