All details about the latest update to the CCP 10.18 – Infinite galaxies

Added Sea Pig and Big Bang galaxies, removed Double Star System, modified hero strength and equipment

As the TFT development team of Riot Games said in this version there will be only a few minor updates after the last “super huge” update Teamfight Tactics – TFT 10.16. And the official information about Teamfight Tactics – TFT 10.18 has also been gradually revealed. Let’s take a look at the new updates with GameVe!

Let’s see what’s new in League of Legends 10.17!

first. New Universe: Manatee’s Delight – The Happiness of the Sea Pig

New Galaxy - Gift from the Sea Pig


  • All players will receive 1 Gold Shovel for free at the beginning of the match.
  • Delete the galaxy Universe Double Star System in this version to welcome the new universe Of Sea Pigs.

2. New Big Bang Galaxy, Dwarf Planet deleted

The biggest change in This version 10.18 of the CCP is the birth of a revolutionary new galaxy – Big Bang (temporarily called the Big Bang). This is the galaxy that synthesizes most of the mechanisms of the old galaxies.

The Big Bang Galaxy will give players a free Champion Roll each round, an extra slot on the field when the 3rd round is reached and each minion and monster will drop a loot ball in PvE rounds, and receive Natural Armor in Stage 3. Everything on the Big Bang galaxy is going to be very interesting.

The new mechanism of the Big Bang galaxy will create a lot of advantages for players
The new mechanism of the Big Bang galaxy will create a lot of advantages for players

Dwarf Planet Galaxies will be deleted to welcome Big Bang new galaxy, The Dwarf Planet is one of the most “shunned” galaxies of season 3. You won’t have to worry about Gangplank’s massive ultimatums and shrinking robots on the battlefield.

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3. Editing Us / Ethnicity

Ma Tac:

  • Mana cost reduced from 40% to 33%


  • Bonus damage per cell far from the target decreased with both 2/4 markers, from 10/18% Fort 9/16%.

4. Hero balance

1 gold hero:

  • Jarvan IV: Armor reduced from 45 to 40.

Light nerf Jarvan IV

  • Poppy: Magic resist increased from 30 to 35.

Champion 2 gold:

  • Blitzcrank: Armor increased from 45 to 60.

Blitzcrank is slightly buffed

  • Mordekaiser: Base magic resist increased from 35 to 40

3 money generals:

  • Cassiopeia: Increased attack damage at 3 star from 3000 to 3500.

The buffed Cassiopeia is not at all light

  • Master Yi: Reduces true damage from abilities at all 3 star landmarks, from 75/100/150 down to 70/95/145.
  • Neeko: Reduced attack damage at 3 star from 500 to 450.
  • Shaco: Base armor reduced from 25 to 20.
  • Ezreal: increased Attack Damage from 50 to 55

4 Gold Heroes:


  • Increases maximum health from 800 to 850.
  • Magic resist increased from 20 to 30.
  • Fixed a small bug with attack speed.

Hero 5 gold:

  • Gangplank: Reduced attack damage of 1/2 star mark from 550/700 to 525/675.
  • Xerath: Increased attack damage at 1/2 star mark from 300/400 to 320/440. (damage spread after defeating an enemy champion = 1/4 base damage).

5. Equip balance:

  • Hand of Justice: Reduced heal from basic attack damage and cast from 50% to 45%.
  • Giant Power: Reduced maximum stacks on taking damage from 50 to 25. (still only getting 2% bonus damage with 1 stack, and 25 armor / magic resist when stacks are full)
  • Fixed the problem in it Pilot Mech will appear soon if Mech has Guardian Angel and killed by an Urgot.
  • Many bug fixes Hextech blade will not create additional shields
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