After Pokemon GO, Niantic continues to encroach on Harry Potter

On Niantic’s official blog, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite introduced as a world where “The magic of Harry Potter was right next to you.” So it’s been 5 years since Niantic tested it augmented reality game AR, 1 year after the global success of Pokemon GOnow the game company is ready for a new challenge: bringing the wizarding world to the real world.


There are still no gameplay details or ingame images for Harry Potter: Wizards Unitebut the Niantic side promises gamers will learn spells, explore the area around them and fight legendary monsters, or team up with teammates to fight against powerful enemies.


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be able to exploit the entire game platform of Niantic globally. In addition, the process of making the game also has the cooperation of Warner Bros – the studio that has made 9 films for Harry Potter. Chances are that gamers will not only be able to see the monsters in the game, but also be able to see their friends on the map, like the idea of ​​​​the Pirate Map. It would be a huge omission if Niantic did not exploit this interesting map in the game.

It is known that more details about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be revealed in 2018.​

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