After only 2 years, Nintendo kills its first Mobile Game

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Experts and gamers have been waiting for years to wait for the first step of the big Nintendo in the market mobile games. The community has been waiting for mobile versions of legendary games like Mario, or at least ports of hit games on the Wii and Wii U. But all that Nintendo released in 2016 was Miitomo – a game that is more like a social network than a game, revolving around weird social interactions and silly jokes, the main character is the company’s “cute” avatar Mii.


After a tumultuous existence on the App Store and Google Play, Miitomo was officially dead. Nintendo said that the servers for this game will close permanently on May 9, closing more than two years of operation.


Evaluate objectively then Miitomo Pretty cute, but the game doesn’t meet the standards of traditional games. Gamers don’t have much to do, just create a Mii character, shop for costumes, play some games like Pachinko and share with friends questions about everyday life. There is no challenge in this game. Miitomo almost like a messaging system with lots of ringing prompts to answer questions.

From now on Miitomo discontinued Miitomo coin, which is the currency used to purchase in-game items. However, gamers will be given up to 2000 coins and 5 game tickets for each login day.​

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