6 new AAA games released in October 2021

This October welcomes the release of 6 top-notch AAA games.

Release date: 1/10

6 new AAA games released in October 2021

FIFA 22 is the first version of the famous football series produced by EA available on new console platforms such as PS5 or Xbox Series X / S. The game is much improved from graphics to gameplay, most of which are innovations that fans have been waiting for.

In the context that Konami has smashed its PES brand again and again, EA seems to be alone in the soccer game market share on PC and Console.

Release: 7/10

6 new AAA games released in October 2021

In the AAA Far Cry 6 game, gamers will play as Dani, a military dropout who was raised on the fictional island of Yara. It’s basically Cuba, but was replaced by Ubisoft with an imaginary name to avoid political problems. During his childhood life, Dani’s house was ravaged by war and everything fell apart over the years. Following in the footsteps of Dani, gamers will carry out a mission to overthrow tyrant Anton Castillo to regain freedom for his homeland.

Release: 12/10

6 new AAA games released in October 2021

Introduced as a PC-specific version, Back 4 Blood will run smoothly at 4K graphics and especially with no frame rate limitation.

Comparisons of the gaming community between Left 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood will be inevitable, but the developer confidently said that Back 4 Blood still carries the core of the Left 4 Dead series but comes with “features” new feature” more unique only in Back 4 Blood.

Released: October 18th

6 new AAA games released in October 2021

Age of Empires IV is a collaboration product of Microsoft with Relic Entertainment, the father of the Company of Heroes game series. The game is exclusive to Windows 10, built on the background of medieval forces such as the British Expeditionary Army, the Roman Empire, the Japanese Samurai legions, the Native Americans, the Indians…

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There are 4 periods to play in Empire 4 including Medieval, Feudal, Castle and Imperial. During the Feudal period you can experience the civilization of China and Mongolia, with a large army of soldiers.

Release: end of October

FIST: Forged in Shadow Torch is the story of a rabbit Rayton, a resident of the city of Torch, home to many different animals. Six years ago, during an invasion of robot legions, the city of Torch fell and fell under the rule of a draconian colonial system.

6 new AAA games released in October 2021

After failing to defend the city, a few soldiers of the resistance had to remain anonymous. Among them was Rayton Rabbit, one of the best warriors. Thought Rayton was out of the war, but after a friend was captured, the rabbit warrior had no choice but to attach a giant robotic arm and return to battle. Starting here, Rayton is caught up in a spiral of conspiracy involving the mafia, insurgents and the machine corps.

FIST: Forged in Shadow Torch has many directions of a Metroidvania game combined with advanced graphics. The map of the game is very large with many different environments for players to explore.

Released: October 26th

6 new AAA games released in October 2021

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Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy is Square Enix’s latest AAA superhero game project. The game is a non-linear game, so the player can freely choose the decisions that lead the game in many different directions.

True to its name, Guardians of The Galaxy tells the story of the Guardians of the Galaxy, similar to what you see in the movie version. At the beginning of the game, players will play as Peter Quill (also known as Starlord). The game is set 1 year after the team is fully assembled.

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