5 ways to get fitness in OMG 3Q game

The easiest way to get simple fitness in OMG 3Q is to buy from the shopBut you do not want to buy, you can perform daily tasks, share Facebook, invite Facebook friends or join the daily newspaper!

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Ways to get fitness in OMG 3Q game

Complete daily missions

Every day, MOG 3Q will have a series of daily tasks for players to perform. Just work hard and you will get a lot of fitness from here.

Complete daily missions
Complete daily missions

Share Facebook every day

Go to the operation view, select the item Share receive gifts. Here, gamers can share Facebook every day to receive gifts, after completion, they will receive 2 single fitness pills.

Share Facebook to receive gifts
Share Facebook to receive gifts

Invite friends to Facebook every day

Not only Share, Facebook, but invite you also get single fitness. Just click More (The + sign on the left side of the screen), select a tab Hao Huu, then press Invite friend. Just invite 10 friends every day, you will get 2 single fitness pills.

Join the newspaper

Participating in the registration activity, the card recharging activity can also get single fitness gamers.

Buy in Shop

When you run out of strength you can buy it in the shop With the first purchase, there will be a 60% discount. From the next purchase, the purchase price will increase gradually with the number of purchases. Besides, there will be a limit to buying fitness depending on your VIP level.

Buy in Shop
Buy in Shop

In addition, in the process of exterminating, if you are lucky, you can meet Van Du Thuong Nhan and buy single fitness at a very preferential price.

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