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5 reasons why Rainbow Six Siege is better than other multiplayer FPS games

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Seige’s interactive ability to destroy in-game objects, diverse equipment characters, high tactics, and huge number of maps make it a great tactical FPS game.

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There is still a lot to improve in Siege such as teamkilling or giving up mid-match, spawn peeking, drop shotting, and there are cases where players load the map at the time of the first round is very slow. But for now here are the reasons why I think it’s one of the best FPS games on PC.

Aim is not everything

Aim has a huge influence in Siege – head aim, gun recoil, sometimes you will see many gamers focusing on small holes or small openings to surprise both sides. But with good equipment, teammates that provide good information, or good timing can also counter good mental plays.

5 lý do khiến Rainbow Six Siege hơn những game FPS multiplayer khác - Emergenceingame
Valkyrie’s cameras give the team an extra advantage

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There are many ways to help teammates even in death

Siege isn’t just about K:D, it’s about how your team operates to influence victory, so in the first few seconds of each round Siege provides time for the side. The defenders discuss tactics as well as the attackers looking for the position and information of the opponent. I like this phase because it’s a time where the two teams get to know each other and don’t have to worry about getting kills. Besides, it is also the stage to test your experience for the map. You can’t strengthen every wall, so which one is the most important? Should you put tripwires in hard-to-see spots, or should they be visible? A smart bet can win you a round.

Drones will be useful tools for dead gamers to continue to help their teammates. When you die, you can become an informant for your teammates by reporting the enemy’s position when they pass through the camera’s view. In a recent video Ubisoft shared that they really want to exploit this function more, and hope to create more functions that dead gamers can do to help their teammates.

Hry44qoqFjriGy eST0nYoBh8RMW90FVh8dOXPqIgW21e4hEObTu5WUuqL1V - Emergenceingame5 lý do khiến Rainbow Six Siege hơn những game FPS multiplayer khác 1 - Emergenceingame

Various characters

Rainbow Six Siege owns a diverse cast of characters including anti-terrorism special forces from around the world. Besides Overwatch and Dirty Bomb, Seige is one of the few shooters that allows an all-female player match, 12 of the game’s 36 characters are female. These 12 female characters from countries such as Brazil, Japan, Canada, France, Germany and Hong Kong, in addition to 2 Operation Italy and Morocco released in 2018 may be on this list. The latest operation is White Noise, focusing on the Korean 707th Special Operations Battalion, and also includes the character Zofia, the second Polish character.

Psychological war

Seige owns 18 maps including small rooms and corridors, the map layout often allows the attacking side to reach the target easier before meeting the opponent. The period after preparation and before the attack is a strange combination of calm and tension. The enemy may be just a wall away from you, but the short visibility and frequency of the walls will ensure safety for your movements, set up equipment, or even stop the match. to communicate with the team.

As Shaun said in 2016 “This is special and effective because there are very few games that appreciate the value of silence.” This is one of the things that I like about Siege, the space the game creates for equipment, strategy, and outplays. Here are a few things that I enjoy doing while playing Siege:

  • Blow up the ceiling causing the opponent to panic
  • What makes the drone run under the door slit, making the enemy detect and run away
  • Disturb the enemy continuously with Echo’s drone, stealth drone
  • Mark the enemy repeatedly with drones that they can’t detect
  • Causing the opponent’s phone to be hacked by Dokkaebi’s skill
  • Secure a random door so that the opponent thinks there is someone behind that door

You can plow PVE

Bots are not usually so common in FPS multiplayer titles. Siege is no exception, but the game still offers a PVE Terrorist Hunt mode, with 3 difficulty levels, they challenge experienced gamers with snappy aim or a room full of c4 booms. And at the end of each game, the player will get renown, the currency in Siege.

Best of all, it’s one of the least stressful ways for players to learn where to place call-outs on the map. During the CSGO downturn, a bunch of my friends didn’t want to play CSGO but wanted to join me instead, but I couldn’t give them a practice mode like Terrorist Hunt, let them get used to the game.

I’m excited for what Ubisoft will do in the Outbreak “Co-op event” update for 2018. Outbreak is intended to be a temporary plan, and beyond adding additional maps to the game is basic. it will only complement PVE mode since launch.

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