5 great games, with gameplay similar to Among Us

Among Us launched in 2018 but has only recently become a phenomenon in the gaming community around the world. If you love the gameplay of Among Us And looking for similar experiences but with their own unique features, here are 5 great games like Among Us that you should try.

Among Us is on its way to becoming one of the most popular games globally. In recent times, the game attracts countless players for many different reasons and of course, it totally deserves it. Among Us is a brilliantly crafted game with a lovable cast of characters and gameplay so engaging that it’s hard to stop playing. By using strategies as well as the art of lying, you can betray your teammates and win as an impostor.

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If you are bored of playing Among Us, choose 1 of the 5 games below

On the other hand, you can show off your detective skills by following other players while trying to complete the mission and not get killed. There’s a lot to do but that’s where the fun comes from. However, sometimes if you cannot enter the game due to too many players causing the server to be overloaded or for any other reason, try the good games with gameplay like Among Us introduced below in those cases.

Top 5 good games with gameplay like Among Us

1. Deceit

Main features:
– Deceit tests your instincts for trust and deception in an action-packed multiplayer FPS.
– Innocent people must stay alert, cross the areas and escape through the exit.
– Those infected with the virus will be busy collecting blood and trying to cover up their destructive plots.

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What happens when you combine trust and deception with an FPS game? Yes, you will have Deceit. Deceit is a game like Among Us, where there are innocent people and there are also villains. As an innocent, your mission is to escape from the refugee camp and if you are the one infected with the virus, you have to make sure innocent people can’t escape. So where is the trust factor?

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Where you don’t know who is infected. You can just talk to other players and watch them for clues. Watch out for the health packs because if they’re used you’ll know there’s an infected player near you. Players infected with the virus then gain shapeshifting abilities and the power to see through darkness. You can play Deceit on PC (Steam).

=> Link Download Deceit for PC

2. Project Winter

Main features:
– Join the psychological warfare of up to 8 players, focusing on social deception and survival.
– Survivors will have to gather resources, battle the elements, and complete a series of missions to call in one of many rescue vehicles.
– The traitors’ sole goal is to stop the survivors by any means necessary.

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Want to try the feeling of being a traitor who stabs other players in the back? Your wishes will be fulfilled. Project Winter takes you to a snow-covered land and you must team up with your friends to keep your life safe. In case you are an innocent person, of course. If you are a traitor, you must stop those on the opposing side.

Innocents will need to gather the necessary resources, repair things, and complete quests. Traitors are outnumbered and weaker at the start of the game, they can infiltrate the group of survivors and gain their trust while building their strength, while also exploiting trust to spread news. lies, pits the survivors against each other, and tries their best to stop the escape without raising any suspicion. Similar to Among Us, if you venture out on your own, you can easily get killed by traitors, or in this case, wild animals.

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=> Link Download Project Winter for PC

3. Barotrauma

Main features:
– Multiplayer game with 2-16 players in the submarine
– 6 character classes with different skills and tasks: Captain, Engineer, Mechanic, Nurse, Security Officer and Assistant.
– Rich maps and missions with multiple game modes offering near-endless replayability.

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Barotrauma is also a good game like Among Us built on lies and deception. It is a scrolling game, set in a submarine in Europa’s ocean. There are missions, dangers and aliens here. Barotrauma does a great job of mixing survival and horror elements. You will have to work together with your teammates to overcome any dangerous situations. This game focuses mainly on missions that you will be asked to complete.

If you want an experience similar to Among Us, you can add a traitor to your party. This will make the game more challenging and more fun to play with friends.

=> Link Download Barotrauma for PC

4. Unfortunate Spacemen

Main features:
– Free multiplayer betrayal survival game.
– Complete objectives to call for help or hunt monsters like a Spaceman.
– Set traps, disguise as Spaceman and confront them in the form of a monster.

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As a Spacemen you have to complete some missions and survive but your crew will be infiltrated by monsters. Vandalism, lies and betrayal, Unfortunate Spacemen has all the elements of Among Us but has a horror style. With an impostor trying to impersonate a Spaceman and kill the astronauts, the game can get brutal and complicated quickly.

Monsters can set traps and this is different from Among Us. You can experience this game for free on PC via Steam.

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=> Link Download Unfortunate Spacemen for PC

5. Town of Salem

Main features:
– Town of Salem features 33 unique roles that ensure a different experience each time you play.
– There are more than 220 achievements in the game. Complete to receive many useful items.
– Customize the game by choosing maps, characters, pets, lobby icons, houses, custom names and more.

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For those who love werewolf or Mafia games, Town of Salem is a perfect choice. There will be 7 to 15 players divided into Town, Mafia and Neutrals. Town is the innocent who must find the Mafia before the Mafia kills them. Like Among Us, your roles are obviously reversed if you’re the villain. The game also has other roles such as Serial Killer, Jester, Werewolf or Pirate, adding great spice to the game experience. You can play Town of Salem on iOS, Android and PC.

=> Link Download Town of Salem for Android

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=> Link Download Town of Salem for PC

Currently, there are quite a few games with gameplay similar to Among Us and here are the 5 best choices for you. The gameplay is similar, but each game has its own unique characteristics to attract players, providing an experience that is both familiar and new. If you haven’t played the Among Us game yet, download the game here:

=> Link Download Among Us for PC

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=> Link Download Among Us for iPhone

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