4 things to note if you want to conquer World 5 (AR40) in Genshin Impact

When going to the World 5 things that will surprise you the most are the sub-versions, the difficulty level increases from easy to difficult. Then what do you guys need to pay attention to, let’s go Funny game Find out in this article!

What’s in the upcoming Genshin Impact 1.1 update?

A whole new world in Genshin Impact
A whole new world in Genshin Impact

Roster in Genshin Imapct

You must have at least 2 DPS (the position of the main damage in the lineup) in 2 different systems and equally strong to vary depending on the instance, maybe fire and lightning, or 1 lightning / fire and 1 lava / room (Anyway to climb the tower is required 2 Dps for 2 teams). At this point, the correlation / countermeasure between the elements was extremely clear and important.

Absolutely do not forget Healer, whether it is Barbara Should also give her a good relic set. Not available Healer then you will not be able to live because duplication will be very difficult.

Make use of all the characters you currently have in all generations to do Support.

Build gameplay for DPSs

If it was before, you thought to build DPS half physics, half magic, or being alone against the world AR40 should think again. Let’s build DPS In the strongest possible direction, do not be afraid to be overcome by its system or anything because at the moment you must have at least 2 main DPS it’s different. For example Diluc full fire, then follow full Fire, Keqing full Flash, follow full Lightning, or full physical etc .. absolutely do not build halfway.

Support in formation

Role of support – SP This time is extremely important and can change the outcome of the clone. For example, a lightning-type version that cannot use a fire-type character (if overloaded, it takes a lot of damage), now an ice-type character like Chongyun or even Kaeya which people also estranged is also extremely useful and makes you a lot easier to breathe.

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Because as I said, at the moment, the correlation – incompatibility between the systems is very clear and important, it is not as if the low AR is always plugged in, but every animal will die.

Co-op and clone research

Do not be shy co-op (multiplayer mode) and ask for help for being new World 5 Surely you will lose because you have not kept up the good relics.

Always research the copy carefully before carrying Diluc into the Lei map … Why? Fire does Lightning do a lot of damage, right? Oh no, except for the element, each version will have its own rules, please read carefully before entering “squeeze teammates”.

After all, if you don’t have one DPS best for that copy, please choose SP For the rest of us, don’t forget to chat a little to make the team work more smoothly eg: I have Chongyun Okay, let’s Diluc Go vegetarian.

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