360mobi Billionaire Chess – Choose which character to benefit the most?

Game shaking dice 360mobi Co Billion Phu Character system is extremely diverse, each character has advantages, bringing different values ​​in the process of this intellectual game. But which character is the easiest to win? Or the characteristics of the characters in dice game 360mobi Co Ty Phu what?

There are characters that will give you the ability to roll the dice more accurately, there are characters that will increase the amount of gold you receive at the end of the game or get more Salary every time you go through the Start point …

Characteristics of characters in the 360mobi Co Billion Phu

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Just like the character’s Equipment system, character cards have many different levels. Character cards of the same name will have the same characteristics, but different levels will differ (usually lower) in the percentage (%), the chance to be gained for each skill.

In addition to these default characters in the game, when participating in play 360mobi Billionaire Flag, players also have the opportunity to receive, exchange or match cards S character card+ super rare, that is the card Ton Wukong.

Features of the Sun Wukong character card:

  • Increases the chance of spilling double dice by 25%.
  • When Doubles are successful 3 times, there will be an additional 72% rate of travel.

Unlike the individual skills of the default character system, these two skills of Sun Wukong are always complementary, helping players who own this character card always have a very high chance of traveling. That also means that they always have the opportunity to go to big cities, festival centers and easily buy locations and build Wonders faster than other players.

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Advantages of Wukong:

  • Continuously traveling.
  • Complete rows, complete tours and color sets faster.
  • Build Wonders faster and more accurately.

In particular, if the player possesses special equipment, which maximizes the activation of the above skills at the highest level, then winning a player with Sun Wukong card seems hopeless. . The best equipment for this character card include:

  • S-level travel ticket: Helps increase the ability to travel, capture big cities and festivals.
  • S-level Bulkathos Hammer: Helps increase the chance of building Wonders (completing 5 Wonders is to win).
  • S-level Golden Bell: Helps receive more Checks from opponents, financial consumption makes it difficult for opponents to buy houses and higher bankruptcy rates.
  • S-level Broken Locator: increases the speed of building Level 3 Houses so you can get to Wonder more quickly.

Through this article, hope you will understand more about the characters in 360mobi Co Ty Phu, from which you can choose the most suitable character to easily win each game with other players. .

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