3 steps to recover bottled Nintendo Switch battery life (2DS – 3DS applicable)

Nintendo Switch battery bottles have always been an issue that every gamer is uncomfortable with, but not everyone who just bought it knows about it tips for using the device so that the battery is the most durable. Usually wait for the cow to build a barn, those whose batteries have lost too much time begin to learn.

3 steps to recover the Nintendo Switch battery

Mind using electronics then The machine just bought the first 3 times to charge for 8 hours After that, of course it is okay, so use / charge / discharge innocently and have to spend money replacing the battery for the device. Today nShop would like to guide you with 3 simple steps to help you recover your Nintendo Switch battery life before deciding whether to replace the battery or not. (Applicable to both 2DS and 3DS, battery-operated handheld game consoles in general).

3 steps to restore Nintendo Switch battery life effectively

Note to determine if your device has a bottle of battery or not, it is necessary to consider the average duration in the same playing conditions (game play, screen brightness, volume, open Wifi or not …) There is a significant reduction compared to before. If only 5-10 minutes compared to when buying (used over 1 year) This is also normal, can not tell if the battery has been bottle or not. The battery bottle status is different Battery fully charged but indicates the number of% incorrect.

The following way can restore a little bit but not completely make the battery as new, you can consider whether it is necessary to take time to perform it or not. However, performing these steps is also to somewhat increase the battery life!

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Step 1: Discharge your Nintendo Switch battery using the full capacity of the battery. If the battery is still quite a lot you can think of accelerating measures such as opening the Youtube app synthesized music clips + Max Volume to save time.

running out of power Nintendo Switch

Step 2: Your game machine will report out of battery and automatically power off suddenly when the battery is only exhausted. However, you need to make sure that the battery is so depleted that the power cannot be turned on by pressing the phone on again. The Nintendo logo will appear when booting but will not enter the OS due to insufficient battery to boot. Do this a few times to make sure the battery is as low as possible.

Step 3: Now we will proceed to fully and continuously charge the device’s battery, but there is a small note to pay attention to:

Nintendo Switch charger plugged in

  • You must make sure that it is charging using the original charger of the device (Do not use USB charging through another Adapter of iPhone or iPad)
  • The game console must be powered off while it is charging (Not opening and charging at the same time).
  • Continue charging for a few more hours even though the battery is 100% full (about 2-3 hours after the alarm is fully charged).

Finally, repeat the above 3 steps again for the restore process to complete. Once done, the battery life will increase quite a bit. Please note that these steps only apply up to 1 year / time. Do not overdo and overdo it constantly. Prevention is always better than cure, so take care of your game console before it’s too late.

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Some conditions that you should replace the battery immediately – do not regret that: The battery has shown signs of swelling (battery fit) or after resetting the battery in the above way but still only running for 1-2 hours. The cost of replacing the battery for a game machine is not too expensive!

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