2 ways to download and install League of Legends – LOL Wild Rift is extremely simple, guaranteed 100% success

Just a few days ago, Riot was officially opened Moba game is extremely hot in 2020, that is LOL Wild Rift (English name is LOL Wild Rift) for 2 areas, that is Brazil and the Philippines. Of course, Vietnam is not on the list of supported Riot, while the number of League of Legends players here is extremely large. So how can players in Vietnam successfully download and install League of Legends without having to use code inviting code from Riot? Please refer to the following article of EmergenceInGame offline!

How to download League of Legends on iPhone

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Option 1 – Download League of Legends through TapTap

Very simple and easy, all we need to do is access and download the LOL Wild Rift game available on TapTap via the link below:

Download League of Legends

If your Android phone does not have TapTap installed, the site will ask to download the TapTap apk file, which is like a Store to manage your apps and games (similar to Google Play Store):

TapTap installed successfully
TapTap installed successfully

Then, open TapTap and look for “Wild Rift” or you’ll see it just outside of the first Menu page. Click on it to choose and install as usual:


To download TapTap and League of Legends In this way you must turn on the mode Allows installation of APK files from unknown sources offline (go to Settings> Security to turn it on). When the installation is successful, the player proceeds to the rest, that is create an account Riot Games Singapore follow the instructions below:

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Method 2 – download and install LoLT Trophy with .apk and .obb files on Android

To do this, the player needs to download to an Android smartphone 2 LOL Wild Rift files form APK and OBB via the link below:

League of Legends APK (90MB)

OBB War Speed ​​League (1.2GB)

Note are you guys please download 2 files on over Browser offline, do not use any downloadable applications at all.

2 Apk and Rar files to install League of Legends Android
2 Apk and Rar files to install League of Legends Android

Next is to use an Android file manager (like ES File Explorer …) to extract the Rar file, in which you will see:

  • Folder: com.riotgames.league.wildrift
  • File: main.3050.com.riotgames.league.wildrift.obb

The next step is important because many of you get it wrong, get it wrong and get it done installation of LOL Wild Rift was unsuccessful. That is unpacking and copy the com.riotgames.league.wildrift folder (right inside is file main.3050.com.riotgames.league.wildrift.obb) into the Android / Obb system directory guys. Pay close attention to this step through the series of photos below:

  • Select the file com.riotgames.league.wildrift.rar and Es See compression.
Extract the Rar file
Extract the Rar file
  • Select section com.riotgames.league.wildrift and Decompression:
Select and extract
Select and extract
  • Choose the correct path to Android / obb system directory as shown below:
Select the correct path and extract the Obb file
Select the correct path and extract the Obb file
  • After the extraction is finished, check the Obb folder, if there is a section com.riotgames.league.wildrift As shown below, it was successful:
Successfully decompressed
Successfully decompressed

At this point, we go back Download folder and Open the WildRift.apk file as usual:

Install WildRift.apk
Install WildRift.apk

When the installation process of League of Legends is successful, we open the game LOL Wild Rift and enjoy. Here are some pictures after installing the game:

If before, you have registered for the trial opening of LOL Wild Rift, then fake IP or use a VPN to login to Brazil or Philippines to play. Otherwise, your account will not be on Riot’s Whitelist list and have to wait until the next trial opening.

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