2 tips to level up the holy relic to the highest stats in Genshin Impact

In the world of Genshin Impact, players can easily come across a lot of sets holy relic stat is very “super world” like all % Strike Rate, % Crash Damage delicious without spraying into the blood with any shot. But as you all know holy relic 5-star will have a maximum number of sub-lines of 4 lines, 4-star relic has a maximum of 3 sub-lines. Based on that feature, we can classify the holy relic Which has the index we need like % Strike Rate or % Crash Damage

Instructions for doing the task “Old Clouds have Li” to receive a very simple purple relic

Tips for leveling up 5-star and 4-star relics

Only upload items with 2 or more necessary stats for 5 star holy relic Yes 2 – 3 extra lines needed and fit up level 4 or 8 to see what index the 4th line will enter. Into what we don’t need we should give up and if that’s the case 5 star holy relic available 4 lines in which 2 lines are not needed, then remove them because the high rate of next ups will be on those 2 lines.

Once you have holy relic If there are 3 or 4 lines available, the following milestones will only be added to those lines… except for those who “infinity negative dignity” 3 lines % attack, % attack rate, % attack damage, % defense but on full falls on def only.

Should I choose a holy relic with 4 available index lines?

The answer is 2 lines up won’t be as strong as the 4 available lines! Since 4 lines are available when leveling up at the stat increment the attribute will randomly raise 1 out of 4 lines by 1 level not like 2 lines will add lines with tiny stats.

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Here are some tips for you to save resources but still get yourself the best holy relic have high scores.

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