10 tips to play Resident Evil Village less “heart-tired”

10 tips on how to play Resident Evil Village

Playing Resident Evil Village is not only about rushing in, taking hard to win, but also needing reasonable calculations. If you are still confused, or are panicked by the monsters in Resident Evil Village and do not know how to cope, the suggestions below will partly help you live a easier life, increase your chances of survival when playing Resident Evil. That’s the village.

1. The fully explored map area will be green

Resident Evil Village map

This is one of the most useful things about Resident Evil Village. If you enter a building or room for the first time, that area on the map will be red. This means that many things here are unexplored. They can be anything from hidden secrets to ammunition. When there is nothing left to “find”, the display on the map of that area will turn blue, and you can go ahead without fear of missing anything.

However, keep in mind that some mysteries can only be discovered later in the plot. So if something doesn’t open, or doesn’t interact, the map will still be red and you need to come back later.

2. Yellow things are usually smashable, usable, or useful

Resident Evil Village items

As you may have noticed, wooden crates and chests with yellow streaks on them can be destroyed to get the valuables inside. This yellow marking also appears (more difficult to see) on locks, wells, trees, and many other places. They signal to the Resident Evil Village player that the object is breakable, usable in some way, or simply leads to what you’re looking for. If you’re playing but don’t know how, try looking around to see if there are any objects with this yellow mark.

find the way Resident Evil Village

Don’t go too fast in Resident Evil Village. Before starting to implement, pursuing a new goal, you should take time to re-explore the places you have discovered. You may find keys or tools to open new areas, get supplies or valuable weapons. You should also know that leaving certain key areas is sometimes not possible immediately when you want to. So, before going to a new place, try to look once on the map and important items, visit the red areas (on the map), or check if the new key can open the locked doors. previous lock no.

4. Shoot sparkling places for crystals

make money Resident Evil Village

During the process of playing Resident Evil Village, you will notice some places with unusual sparkling lights. Use a shotgun (save a good weapon) to shoot them, and they will drop shards of crystals, large crystals, or gems like vivianite, quartz. You can sell these stones to merchant Duke for quite a bit of money.

5. Buy more storage space and first ammo recipe from Duke

Resident Evil Village inventory expansion

There is nothing more frustrating than finding something delicious but having no space to store it and having to leave something behind. Since you can’t drop weapons or ammo, managing the inventory in Resident Evil Village becomes even more difficult if you don’t upgrade it. Try to buy the bag extender (10,000 Lei) from Duke’s shop as soon as possible. Then let’s start looking at the different types of ammo formulas. You can make shotgun bullets and aiming guns from the materials you find, which is very convenient.

6. Learn the meaning of the sounds in the game

Resident Evil Village sound

In Resident Evil Village, sound is extremely important, even something has not been seen but heard. Do you hear a small growl from the new room? There’s definitely an enemy nearby. If you remember the typical sounds of the enemy, you will know exactly what you are about to face and have time to prepare and plan. The sound of the enemy only disappears when the last one in that area dies, signaling you are safe. In addition, there are other types of sounds typical of items falling… No need to pay too much attention to the background (environment) sound, they do not signal anything.

7. Defense can be more important than shooting

Resident Evil Village defense

It won’t be long before you’ll encounter some unfriendly things in Resident Evil Village. A few slashes or bullets are usually not enough to stop them coming towards you, especially when the enemy is in a group. So instead of spending more ammo, make sure you shield yourself well and use defensive skills to block damage. If you successfully block, you can activate the button to hit back and push the opponent back, messing up their formation. In the future, you can upgrade your defense, protect more effectively with special recipes, cooked at Duke’s place. This is a strategy for you to live longer in the game.

8. Sometimes running is the best book in Resident Evil Village

Escape Resident Evil Village

Shooting and parrying many times is not enough. In some parts of the plot, you will face a large number of enemies, or a very powerful one. The good advice right now is if you think you won’t survive, just run away, there’s usually a way out somewhere. In addition, there are times when the game is inherently predetermined that you do not have the ability to fight that enemy, especially the bosses. If you see a way to hide, and shoot bullets, it means Resident Evil Village told you to run away.

9. Sell weapons when there are better options but remember to keep different types

Resident Evil Village shooting

Everyone loves a good shotgun, right? While close-range weapons are usually most useful in Resident Evil Village, keeping up to two in your inventory stun isn’t a good idea. You can get many different models of the same gun, and checking out the gun upgrade section at Duke’s site will show you which has the best firepower (or the best upgrade). Sell ​​the weak guns to save space (you can buy them again later).

However, try to have one gun of each type in hand. The main reason for this is ammunition. you will find many different types of ammo while playing Resident Evil Village, each type may not be large. If only because of the lack of ammunition of a gun, there is no other type of gun to replace it, but you have to retreat, then it is a pity.

10. Leave the food at Duke’s place to empty the inventory

Cooking Resident Evil Village

After passing the first part of Resident Evil Village, you begin to collect meat, fish, and food ingredients. You can exchange them in the Duke’s kitchen, but it usually takes a fair amount of time to find the ingredients to make a dish. Before that, you will quickly run out of space in your inventory because of these ingredients. So drop them all at Duke, even if you haven’t completed the recipe yet. Just choose the amount of ingredients you want to leave and confirm. They will still be there when you next visit.

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