10 important things that Fortnite did better than PUBG

10 yếu tố quan trọng mà Fortnite đã làm tốt hơn PUBG - Emergenceingame

Although somewhat “born later” than PUBG, Fortnite quickly surpassed PUBG, the game that seemed to be the “king” of the battle royale. So why is that? To answer this question, let’s go through the reasons why Fortnite is better than PUBG and even after reading through you might want to switch over to playing Fortnite.

10 lý do sẽ khiến bạn muốn nhảy từ PUBG sang Fortnite - Emergenceingame

Despite the massive discounts that have taken place over the past few seasons, PUBG will never be able to beat the free price that Fortnite offers. Epic Games made the right decision to release its game for free, as well as release battle pass and skin packs at a reasonable price.

10 lý do sẽ khiến bạn muốn nhảy từ PUBG sang Fortnite1 - Emergenceingame

Fortnite not only offers more unique and beautiful skins than PUBG, but the general cosmetics that the game offers are much better finished. Skins in Fortnite have begun to become an icon for the gaming industry such as the tomato head skin or the Omega armor skin.

While the cosmetics aren’t as bad as the coat skins and now with weapon skins. But when compared with Fortnite, PUBG’s in-game cosmetics are somewhat inferior to Fortnite.

10 lý do sẽ khiến bạn muốn nhảy từ PUBG sang Fortnite2 - Emergenceingame

PUBG, a game that takes a more serious look at the battle royale formula, things like emojis and dance forms don’t seem to really fit the concept of the game. It seems that the developer BlueHole has not really thought carefully when deciding to add this element to his game.

The dances and emojis in Fortnite have become an internet phenomenon. Typically, the form of celebration of the French team in the match against Italy in the last World Cup season is also the dance in Fortnite.

10 lý do sẽ khiến bạn muốn nhảy từ PUBG sang Fortnite3 - Emergenceingame

PUBG really doesn’t have a real atmosphere/aesthetic, quite similar to Call Of Duty which feels like any other shooters out there. And of course, a typical shooting game would be easier to approach, but PUBG would really be better if the game had its own “substance”.

Fortnite, quite similar to Overwatch, offers an animated perspective that makes the game fun and somewhat more engaging.

10 lý do sẽ khiến bạn muốn nhảy từ PUBG sang Fortnite4 - Emergenceingame

Although Fortnite has copied PUBG’s item system, it must be said that the weapons and items in Fortnite are quite fun to use. Due to going in a more realistic direction, the weapons in PUBG are somewhat “dry”, while Fortnite will give people Play a variety of innovative weapons and items such as RPGs, grenade launchers, and especially the boogie bomb.

10 lý do sẽ khiến bạn muốn nhảy từ PUBG sang Fortnite5 - Emergenceingame

Fortnite has done a great job building a trading system that is both attractive to players but also not too “life-stealing”. Especially with the battle pass packages that the game offers, not only are they creative, but these subscriptions still give players the feeling that they are “plowing through” to get these skins instead of buying them. straight.

10 lý do sẽ khiến bạn muốn nhảy từ PUBG sang Fortnite6 - Emergenceingame

When it comes to the storylines of both PUBG and Fortnite games, Fortnite has done an excellent job when it comes to ensuring your battle royale experience is as if it is being integrated into an overall storyline, whereas PUBG is the opposite. do not own this element.

It’s not for everyone, but for those who pay attention, they’ll be able to find another interesting side that Fortnite has to offer.

10 lý do sẽ khiến bạn muốn nhảy từ PUBG sang Fortnite7 - Emergenceingame

If you lose a stable development system, you will probably feel that multiplayer games will lose their fun. Titles like CS Go and Rocket League have also been successful thanks to their efficient development systems, and now you can say with confidence that Fortnite is also on this list. And do you know any game that doesn’t have a stable development system and feels heavy? The answer here is none other than PUBG.

10 lý do sẽ khiến bạn muốn nhảy từ PUBG sang Fortnite8 - Emergenceingame

Fighting in PUBG sometimes really gives players a rather awkward feeling. And most can blame the game’s maps and the way they are designed. If you don’t count the new map Sanhok, most of the time in the game you will have to go around without being able to meet any players.

Many people may enjoy an experience like this, as the game would become much more intense if battles were more frequent. The map in Fortnite is perfectly designed to let the fights happen continuously, making the playing experience much more engaging and attractive than PUBG.

10 lý do sẽ khiến bạn muốn nhảy từ PUBG sang Fortnite9 - Emergenceingame

One of the main reasons why Fortnite is so much more popular than PUBG is because the game really feels like you’re playing a full-fledged game. Meanwhile, PUBG has an age-old problem that needs to be solved: bugs scattered throughout the game. It’s quite confusing when a game sold for 30 dollars has these problems.

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